3 Genius Skin Tips You’ve NEVER Heard Before

As beauty editors, we consider ourselves well versed in basic skincare. We frequently diagnose our friends and relatives (sometimes uninvited), recommending vitamin C and kojic acid for dark spots and our favorite retinol serums for wrinkles and sagging. We know now that chickpeas make a great acne-fighting DIY mask while shaving your face isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds (that one took some time, but we’re now fully #teamrazor). Thus, we very rarely hear skincare advice we’ve never heard before—but that’s exactly what happened on a recent trip to celebrity esthetician and L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Vanessa Hernandez’s office. There, she proceeded to blow our minds and shift our preconceived paradigms with some truly revelatory information—and naturally, the first thing we did was jot everything down to share with our readers. Keep scrolling for three genius skin tips that change everything.