Behold: These Are the Best New Launches at Sephora This Month

Sephora is one of the most beloved destinations for beauty lovers all over the world. The adoration (read: obsession) that we hold for the beauty retail giant is the type of love that’s best expressed through Shakespearean sonnets. But before we start reciting unsolicited poetry, we have to admit that sometimes, even those of us with the strongest beauty devotions can become overwhelmed by the vast array of newly launched makeup, skincare, and hair products.

Seriously, when attempting to stay up to date on Sephora’s new products, we sometimes find those glittering black shelves more daunting than delightful. It’s impossible for a single person to sift through every last one. That’s why we’re doing it for you. Here, we’ve assembled the best new launches across all categories, so you can stay up to date on the latest beauty innovations. Keep scrolling to behold the best newly launched Sephora products in all their glory.

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