Self-Tanners: We Tried 5 New Ones, and We Have Thoughts

Summer is approaching, but a quick glance at my pasty, un-glowy skin would say otherwise. It happens every year—a war between what I know to be true (sunscreen will stave off health risks and wrinkles) and what I can't help but think anyway (a nice tan looks so good). So what to do? Rather than bake all day in the sun and worry about the aftermath, I continue to slather on SPF 50 and invest in a few great self-tanning products. This year, a slew of newbies launched in different textures (water, balm, and sheet masks) with promises of no scent and no mess. Naturally, I had to find the best.

Below, I and my fellow Byrdie HQ editors review the best and the newest self-tanning products.