I Tried a Ton of New Self-Tanners, and These Were the Best

Summer is approaching, but a quick glance at my pasty, un-glowy skin would say otherwise. It happens every year—a war between what I know to be true (sunscreen will stave off health risks and wrinkles) and what I can't help but think anyway (I love a nice tan). So what to do? Rather than bake all day in the sun and worry about the aftermath, I continue to slather on SPF 50 and invest in a few great self-tanning products. This year, a slew of newbies launched in different textures (roll-on oils, coconut water–infused mists, and body-blurring lotions, to name just a few) with promises of no scent and no mess. Naturally, I had to find the best.

Of course, this is something that takes time, but luckily, I've been hard at work for months (yes, months) testing out the best new self-tanners on my ultra-pale skin to see which formulas would make the cut. (Spoiler: There were quite a few that didn't.) To complicate matters, sometimes I'm in the mood for just a subtle tint of color, and other times I crave a deep, super-rich tan—which still needs to look 100% natural on my fair complexion (a difficult feat, mind you). However, the majority of this year's new launches ultimately exceeded my skeptical expectations, and I've found 10 of the best new self-tanners to suit my every skin mood—be it barely there and airbrushed-esque or more intense color, as if I just spent two weeks sunning myself in Hawaii. Ahead, the 10 best new self-tanners to suit every shade and formula taste. Keep reading.