We Sniffed All the Newest Perfumes, And These Are the 11 Best Spring Launches

Fresh scents from brands like Maison Margiela, Gucci, and Byredo that you’ll want to spritz on all spring

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 The 10 Best New Perfumes for Spring 2023 TOUT

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Shopping for a new fragrance can be a challenge—not to mention a headache-inducing one. Shopping for a new spring fragrance can be even more tricky, especially if you’re not a fan of florals (since most of the scents on the market offer some variation of flowers). Luckily, plenty of new spring perfume launches just came on the scene—including woody, musky, and fruity alternatives— so there’s bound to be one that suits you and your preferences. 

Whether you’re in the market for a new signature scent or are looking to build out your fragrance collection for the new season, we compiled this curated list of the best perfumes for spring 2023. To do so, our team spritzed and sniffed our way through the most popular launches, taking into account scent profiles, dry down, and longevity. We also considered price, size, and whether or not the fragrance comes in a travel-size option. 

Best Warm: Maison Margiela Replica On a Date



I wouldn’t consider myself a floral lover specifically, but I do like matching my fragrances to the seasons. If you’re interested in doing the same, Maison Margiela offers a bunch of options you’ll want to check out. The brand does a phenomenal job of curating unisex fragrances based on memories to evoke a certain feeling—essentially “replicating” the vibe. The new springtime launch, On a Date, is said to smell the way falling in love feels. Sparkling, addictive, and super fresh, this blend of black currant, patchouli, and delicate Isparta roses work in tandem to leave you smelling like you’re sitting in a vineyard with the one you love. It's subtly floral, a little fruity, and has quickly become my go-to fragrance this season. —Caitlyn Martyn, Commerce Writer

Shop now: Sephora, $160

Best Fresh Floral: Ellis Brooklyn Florist Eau de Parfum 

Ellis Brooklyn FLORIST Eau de Parfum


If you are wanting a perfume that smells like sticking your nose in a fresh bouquet of flowers, then Ellis Brooklyn Florist is your girl. I am a floral fragrance fan—fresh, sweet scents work better with my body chemistry than musks or ouds. The first whiff I got of this one, I knew it was going to be my signature scent for spring, it is unlike anything I’ve smelled before. The notes read like a list of your favorite blooms: tuberrose, gardenia, and jasmine, but they blend with bergamot and honeysuckle into something that’s citrusy, modern, and memorable. Plus, the hot pink bottle is so happy looking. — Shannon Bauer, Senior Commerce Editor

Shop now: Sephora, $108

Shop now: Ellis Brooklyn, $108

Shop now: Credo, $108

Best Green: Snif Ace Ace Baby



When I think of creating a perfume, Prince, the tennis racquet and lifestyle brand, isn’t the first collaborator that comes to mind. But it all made sense when I got my hands on this collab between Snif and Prince and learned about the inspiration behind the fragrance. Inspired by spring tennis days and courtside sipping, Ace Ace Baby is fresh, green, and a bit masculine. Lemonade accord, ginger, lavender, grass, and more blend together to create the most unique, addictive scent that perfectly brings the tennis experience to life as a perfume. As a tennis player myself and someone who gets tired of the same old same old fragrances, this is a launch that has me really excited. —Alyssa Kaplan, Commerce Writer

Shop now: Snif, $65 

Best Beachy: Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist 

Rio Radiance Perfume Mist

Sol De Janeiro

You’re not alone if you’re stocking up on Sol de Janeiro mists—they seem to have grown in popularity almost overnight. While the Cheriosa ‘40, ‘62, and ‘68 scents are the most popular options, the newest drop is not to be slept on. Beachy and nostalgic, this sunny floral fragrance reminds me of long days spent on the beach—basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean, and indulging in wine and fresh fruit. It features transportive notes of rich vanilla, creamy coconut, juicy mango, and warm sand—which, in my opinion, is the perfect recipe for an ideal springtime (and summertime) scent. —Caitlyn Martyn

Shop now: Sephora, $38

Shop now: Sol de Janeiro, $38

Best Nutty: Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato



As I mentioned above, I am typically a florals-always type of perfume lover. But one whiff of this and I was ready to trade them all for gourmands. Pistachio is an incredibly unique note that still feels light and fresh in this formula. Add in rum, whipped cream, and marshmallow and you have a complex perfume that you won’t be able to stop smelling. Plus, I would totally order that cocktail if I saw it on a menu. I anticipate this scent to be a compliment generator—it’s sweet, nutty, feminine, and will reel in the “you smell so good, what is that?!” all spring. —Shannon Bauer

Show now: Sephora, $100

Best Fresh: Phlur Solar Power 

PHLUR Solar Power Eau de Parfum


Light, fresh scents are what I gravitate towards during the warmer months, and this one is set to be in my rotation this spring and summer. Notes of bergamot, orange flower, and solar musk merge to create a fragrance that captures the poolside experience without smelling too much like sunscreen. It’s fresh, a little bit beachy, and just a tad citrusy—a perfect combination for anyone who’s looking for a fragrance that can take them from the office to a night out. —Alyssa Kaplan

Shop now: Sephora, $96

Best Fruity: Skylar Peach Fields

SKYLAR Peach Fields Eau de Parfum


Fruit scents can be hit or miss for me. I like the idea of a juicy scent, but it quickly feels too childish, if it doesn’t have the correct balance. Skylar Peach Fields was an outlier—it smells exactly like biting into a juicy peach, but in the best way possible. It’s light, fresh, and fun. Sandalwood and osmanthus (which gives a honey quality) help to ground the distinct peach scent. This is an easy spritz on casual days—meeting a friend for coffee or work from home—perfume is the final step to feel ready and this pick is the perfectly ripe for spring. — Shannon Bauer

Shop now: Skylar, $90

Shop now: Sephora, $90

Best Floral: Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense 

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum intense


The first real adult perfume I ever received was Gucci Bloom. And, like most perfumes, I’ve tried to use it sparingly, savoring every single spritz. Fast forward years later, the brand just dropped a new iteration on the classic fragrance: Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense. As soon as I got my hands on it, I was able to appreciate how similar it is to the original feminine, garden party-inspired scent, yet there was something different I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The scent is a deep floral with key notes of jasmine, tuberose (which smells like lilies and creme), plus Lady of the Night flower, which is just as enchanting as it sounds and offers a hint of sweetness and freshness that round out the perfume. The black square bottle and elegant design are just the cherries on top. —Caitlyn Martyn

Shop now: Sephora, $165

Shop now: Nordstrom, Starting at $99

Best Tropical: Abbott Papaya Isla 

ABBOTT Papaya Isla Eau de Parfum


Though I tend to avoid floral fragrances as I find them headache-inducing, there’s something so juicy and light about this fruity floral from Abbott. It’s inspired by a small tropical island on Lake Nicaragua, and while tropical fragrances are often coconut-heavy and predictable, this one is far from it. Notes of papaya, jungle greens, and ambrox combine to create a light, tropical scent that’s so easy to wear every day. It has a watery, fresh quality making it perfect for daytime no matter the season. —Alyssa Kaplan

Shop now: Sephora, $29-$84

Best Woody: Byredo Unnamed 

BYREDO Unnamed Eau de Parfum


Fragrance is deeply personal, so I love that Byredo created this scent inspired by the brand’s 10th anniversary—without a name. The goal is to allow customers to give it a name that’s meaningful to them. The fragrance comes with letter stickers and an applicator that makes it easy to apply them to the bottle and customize it to your liking. As for the scent itself, it’s woody and aromatic with notes of gin accord, violet, tree moss, and more. There’s a freshness to it that makes it feel appropriate year-round, and it’s also a great layering fragrance that adds even more customization to it.  —Alyssa Kaplan

Shop now: Nordstrom, $290

Shop now: Byredo, $290

Best Citrus: Whind Neroli Bronze 

Whind Néroli Bronzé Fragrance


This is not your typical juicy orange perfume. Instead it has a warming quality thanks to Moroccan spices like cardamom, and earthy elements like blonde woods and musk. Orange zest, pomello, neroli, and lavender keep it fresh and not too heavy. It is the epitome of golden hour—a sunset walk while you plan your happy hour order: will it be a grapefruit fizzy water, aperol spritz, margarita, or a classic old fashioned? (ICYWW, I’m a margarita girl.) — Shannon Bauer

Shop now: Whind, $200

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