21 Amazing Makeup Finds We Tried This Summer (That We'll Keep Using Into Fall)

Updated 04/18/19

You know what's even more disheartening than the end of warm weather, long hours of sunlight, and summer Fridays? Having to retire your dewy, brightly colored summer makeup products. There's something about summertime makeup—the cream highlighters you apply with your fingers, the glowy bronzers, the vibrant lips—that just puts you in an elevated mood. Why should you have to retire these products in place of powder formulas and vampier lips just because it's after Labor Day? Here at Byrdie, we're not fans of such rules.

This year, to make the transition from summer to fall a little more tolerable, we're resolving to keep our favorite makeup finds from the warm-weather season. From flirty lip glosses to holographic eye shadows to creamy highlighters, here are 21 makeup products we Byrdie editors discovered this summer that we'll continue using into fall.

Color & Light: Creme
Kosås Color & Light in Tropic Equinox $34

Over the summer, Erin discovered this "dreamy, creamy blush-bronzer-highlight hybrid palette," which has blendable formulas made with natural ingredients like marula, rose-hip seed, grape seed, green tea, and myrrh. The bronzer especially will continue to be a staple in her routine, she says.

ModelCo Fibre Lash Brush-On Falsies $45

Erin says every time she wears this fiber mascara kit, people think her natural lashes are extensions or falsies. "I'd tried fiber-technology mascaras and lash products before (to no avail)," she says. "Surprisingly, I … fell in love with [this] right away. While other formulas have either weighed my lashes down or resulted in a sprinkling of noticeable fibers all over my eyes and cheeks—not cute—ModelCo's antidote was 100% mess-free."

Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick $18

Tarte's new lipsticks "shroud lips in hydration (yet don't make them feel greasy) and drop the perfect hint of color that's juicier in pigment than a balm but with the same creamy texture," says Erin. "I was lucky enough to receive all six colors in the collection (they're all fab) but have received the most compliments while wearing this summer citrus hue of tangerine."

Cle De Peau Beaute Radiant Corrector For Eyes
Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Corrector for Eyes $65

"I actually have never met a pen-like concealer or under-eye diffuser I've liked," Erin wrote earlier this summer, "What I didn't expect was to be completely blown away. … Not only are the color and pigment (I'm using Ivory) perfectly on point, but the strategic dilution of skincare and tint is exactly what the doctor ordered for my sleep-deprived status. Instantly, my dark circles were diffused in a perfectly creaseless."

Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse Amplify $22

Team Byrdie collectively fell for Urban Decay's new lip mousse this summer. As Hallie says, "The formula genuinely feels light as air—like you're wearing nothing at all—and hugs every contour of your lips. It ends up looking kind of like a stain but still pigmented and even. It's perfect. My favorite shade is Frequency, a true red shade that can go on light or full-throttle."

Stila Heaven's Dew All Over Glimmer $25

Another instant Team Byrdie favorite, this cream-powder hybrid highlighter, which has a bouncy texture, gives the skin a pearlescent and glistening (but not greasy) effect—perfect for more than just summer, for sure. 

Bounce(TM) Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation 3.35
Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation $40

Hallie doesn't normally go for full-coverage foundation, but this one from Beauty Blender feels "light, whipped, and pretty much like bare skin once it's applied. It blends like a dream. It's so silky and melts into your skin once you hit it with a damp Beautyblender and offers a velveteen-matte finish (healthy, dewy, but not shiny)." It was perfect for summer and is going nowhere after Labor Day.

D-Bronzi(TM) Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops 1 oz/ 30 mL
Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops $36

No need to let your face go bronze-free in the fall. "I'm obsessed with using liquid bronzers in the summertime. They're perfect for smoothing on a quick dose of warmth before running out for errands when I don't have time for a full foundation application," Lindsey wrote in her full review of the product this summer. "This new iteration from Drunk Elephant not only provides a Victoria's Secret model–level bronze glow in seconds, but it also has antioxidants and barrier-supportive fatty acids, peptides, and vitamins to deeply nourish and replenish your skin while it's on."

Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil Tinted $26

This long-lasting but hydrating tinted lip product was a Lindsey obsession this summer that feels too good to give up. "I really appreciate the staying power of the gorgeous flower-inspired shades," she says. "My current favorite is Zinnia, a deep raspberry hue."

Joah Brow Down to Me: Precision Brow Pencil $9

This little-known $9 brow pencil was a brand-new discovery—and obsession—for Lindsey. The ultra-fine tip makes creating natural hairlike strokes easy, and it comes with a spoolie on the other end, much like brow products three times the price.

Glossier Lidstar in Cub $18

This whimsical rose-gold shimmery eye shadow might be more of a summer vibe, but when your lids look that cute, why give it up? Layering this over a darker, more fall-appropriate shade would also be stunning.

Pat McGrath Labs Lust Lip Gloss in Flesh 4 $28

Pat McGrath named this line of glosses Lust for a reason. The shades are vampy and luxurious and so shiny. They basically dare the world to stare at your lips. Maya's favorite shade is Flesh 4, a warm mid-tone brown which she has no plans to stop wearing anytime soon.

Flesh Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm $18

Team Byrdie is obsessed with the entire new Flesh makeup line, but Maya is especially smitten with this highlighting balm, which is so luminous and has such a lovely shade selection that she wants to use it year-round.

Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette $34

This new Urban Decay palette is technically marketed for summer and named after the beach, but the shades work all year round. As Kaitlyn says, "Each shade is never-before-seen and features a catchy name such as Blaze, Plunge, Double Dip, or Heat Wave. Those warm reds and pinks paired with cool blues make for the perfect seasonal color combination."

IsaDora Stretch Lash Mascara $18

Kaitlyn has dubbed this mascara one of the most overlooked products at the drugstore. "IsaDora is Sweden's best-selling makeup brand, and it just recently made its way stateside," she says. This new mascara "provides perfect length, separation, and wispiness for a bright-eyed look. I've worn it every day since discovering it."

WunderBrow Brow Gel $16

This brow gel is a new classic in Kaitlyn's routine. Its standout formula "adds a hint of density, a little bit of pigment, and a lot of hold. Brush up your brows with this in the morning, and they'll stay put all day."

Nars Climax Mascara $24

We did a full review of Nars's new mascara, which Faith names as one of the summer finds she won't be giving up this fall. "Since my natural lashes are thin and not the longest, I need a formula that will add major volume without clumping, as well as hold a curl (most volumizing formulas fail in this department)," she wrote. "This stuff does not clump, no matter how many layers you apply. I probably applied about 10 layers before my arm got tired, and still, my lashes looked nice and airy and not at all spidery-looking."

Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer $30

This bronzing primer from Luma makes the skin glow in a truly evergreen way. As Faith raves, "Lately, I've been obsessed with this light-reflecting bronzing primer from Australian makeup brand Luma. Not only is it made with natural ingredients, but it also gives me a perfectly sun-kissed look that makes it seem like I've just gotten back from a beach day. Plus, unlike a lot of other primers, it doesn't leave me looking greasy by midday."

Becca Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick $28

As a rule, I kind of want my highlighter to make me look like a glazed doughnut—dewy and fresh-faced. It's the only way to look natural! Becca's brand-spankin'-new glaze stick was made just for people like me. I slather this all over the high points of my face, eyelids, lips, and chest to look like I maybe just came got from dancing (but not too greasy). I don't care if it's more appropriate for summer; I want to look this slick and glowy all year long.

Stellar Starlust Holographic Highlight Palette $37

Per my rationale about highlighters above, I don't actually use these mesmerizing, holographic powders on my cheeks. But as eye shadow, they are total heart-eyes emoji. I'd never tried Stellar's products before about a week ago, but now these shimmery, ethereal powders are all I want to put on my lids. I call it "fairy makeup," and I'm gonna be using it for some time. 

BeautyCounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage $45

I'm not one to wear foundation every day, especially not in the summer, but this tinted moisturizer from BeautyCounter, which I discovered in June, has offered me the perfect balance of nice coverage with a natural, dewy finish. I just apply it with my fingers to make it easy. It's got an amazing formula, too: ingredients like vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, and SPF 20.

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