21 Amazing Makeup Finds We Tried This Summer (That We'll Keep Using Into Fall)

You know what's even more disheartening than the end of warm weather, long hours of sunlight, and summer Fridays? Having to retire your dewy, brightly colored summer makeup products. There's something about summertime makeup—the cream highlighters you apply with your fingers, the glowy bronzers, the vibrant lips—that just puts you in an elevated mood. Why should you have to retire these products in place of powder formulas and vampier lips just because it's after Labor Day? Here at Byrdie, we're not fans of such rules.

This year, to make the transition from summer to fall a little more tolerable, we're resolving to keep our favorite makeup finds from the warm-weather season. From flirty lip glosses to holographic eye shadows to creamy highlighters, here are 21 makeup products we Byrdie editors discovered this summer that we'll continue using into fall.