If You're Looking to Achieve the Perfect Glow, Look No Further

Updated 03/14/18
Product Disclosure

If you think adding a little glow to your cheekbones is just a passing trend, we have some news for you: Highlighter is well on its way to achieving staple status, standing tall and proud in our beauty bags next to red lipstick and black mascara. But if you haven’t found your go-to just yet, listen up: When we say Decorté Dip in Glow Cream Highlighter ($35) has just the right amount of shine, we mean it. We’re talking a perfectly polished selfie-friendly glow, no filter required.

Decorté Dip in Glow Highlighter is our new go-to (particularly when we’re suffering from dry, flaky winter skin). Not only is it portable and easy to use on the go, but the formula is moisturizing, a quality a lot of its powder counterparts are lacking. What’s more, the creamy texture is soft to the touch, so it’s easy to apply. What more could a girl ask for in a highlighter?

Dip in Glow isn’t your typical overly sparkly highlighter that can make you feel too blinged-out for the daytime. It’s soft and effortless, a perfect combination even for those who say they’re “just not into highlighting.” Simply dip your ring finger in, and lightly press and dab the cream where ever you seek a little extra shine. Add extra glow to the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, or along your brow bone to open up the eyes.

Apply this highlighter before your foundation for a subtle, lit-from-within glow.

Decorté Dip in Glow Cream Highlighter ($35) is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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