Meet the Next Generation of Cult Beauty Products

It’s hard to pinpoint the one thing that makes a beauty product reach cult status. Is it the buzziness among editors, overwhelming approval, boundary-breaking formula, or eye-catching packaging? We like to think it’s a mix of all the above—and since very few products fulfill all of these requirements, we cling all the more closely to those that do. But though our shelves are lined with the makeup artist–approved tried-and-true (love you, Nars Orgasm), we also keep our eyes peeled for the up-and-comers—the NKOTB of beauty, if you will. And as it turns out out, there are quite a few emerging products quickly gaining a following from real women, editors, and industry professionals alike. These young upstarts are sleekly packaged, are easy to use, and deliver real results—and we consider it our civic beauty to share them with you.

Ahead, you’ll meet the next generation of cult beauty products—products that by no means usurp their elders, but are making a name for themselves all on their own. All of these products are Byrdie-approved, and have been vetted by beauty editors and some of the top hairstylist and makeup artists in the industry. Now, let’s make some room in your makeup bag, shall we?

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