7 Natural Perfumes That Actually Smell Amazing

The following message may be a day dampener. However, it's an important one: Your favorite perfume might be housing some less-than-lovely ingredients. In fact, many of these ingredients have no business being spritzed on your wrists, your pillow, or behind the nape of your neck. Why, you ask? Well, as we've discussed before and as Scientific American states, there are plenty of popular perfumes on the market containing petroleum-derived ingredients and dozens more potentially dangerous chemicals and synthetics. To make matters worse, the publication reports that in order to protect industry "trade secrets," fragrance companies aren't actually forced to disclose their entire formulation. Eek.

On the bright side, there has been an influx of natural perfumes recently that are not only nontoxic and non-secretive in formulation but that are actually delectably scented too. And while some natural perfumes can admittedly veer a bit earthy and pungent, there are plenty that we would (and do!) spritz all day long. Keep reading for seven of the best natural perfumes that get the Byrdie stamp of approval.

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