The 11 Best All-Natural Foundations, According to Byrdie Readers



As we've often reiterated here on Byrdie, there's no official definition of "natural" makeup because there's no official standard for what makes a product natural. What we do know, however, are which ingredients are not found in nature and could possibly do harm in the form of skin irritation, breakouts, and things we might not even know of, since the FDA doesn't require cosmetics companies to test their products for safety. Such ingredients include artificial fragrance, lead, parabens, and phthalates—many of which are common in foundation formulas.

This is a problem for some consumers, who don't want potentially harmful ingredients so close to their skin every day and would prefer a natural, nontoxic formula. But again, because brands are essentially allowed to throw around the word "natural" whenever they want, not all foundations can be trusted. So we turned to you, our savvy Byrdie readers, to find out which foundations are actually nontoxic and worth buying. Keep scrolling to find the 11 best natural foundations, according to our readers.