The Only Natural-Deodorant Guide You'll Ever Need


Emmie America

Even among those who are really committed to an eco-friendly, plant-based beauty routine, the words "natural deodorant" tend to inspire a host of reactions ranging from a wince to "nope" to outright fear. Just a few weeks ago, a similar-minded editor and I commiserated about the fact that after years of testing out natural formulas, we still hadn't found one that really gets the job done. I'm the first one to tell people that in the current market, you really don't have to sacrifice much to adopt an all-natural beauty routine—but using a lackluster formula that requires a sniff check every five minutes is where even I draw the line. (And let's not even get into what to do when you forget deodorant altogether, which is a completely different story.) 

That's not to say that it probably isn't worth the risk of embarrassment—most run-of-the-mill deodorants contain a range of questionable chemicals. Most worrisome is aluminum, which is used in antiperspirants to plug up sweat ducts: Not only is the chemical irritating to many, but some scientists even believe that since those parabens and chemical compounds are applied in an area adjacent to breast tissue, it could be associated with an elevated cancer risk. (Researchers are still working to find conclusive evidence, but it's alarming nonetheless.)

But just as the market has expanded to include stellar plant-based shampoos and chemical-free tampons, more and more natural deodorants seem to pop up on my radar all the time. With this in mind, I thought it might be high time to give the latest crop a go—and two weeks and exceedingly few odor-related mishaps later, I can officially declare the experiment a success.

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