The 13 Best Natural Beauty Products of 2016

The shelves of Target's beauty section are lined with some of the coolest indie brands from across the globe. Traversing the aisles of Whole Foods in pursuit of top-notch skincare products is the new norm. Reiki and energy healing are among the most-searched terms on Pinterest at the moment. As we head into another year, there seems to be one overarching, undeniable industry trend: Fringe beauty movements are rapidly going mainstream.

And if the sheer volume of products and brands on the market are any indication—peddled by retailers ranging from Net-a-Porter to your local drugstore, no less—plant-based beauty is one such movement. Once relegated to a crunchier crowd, more and more people are becoming more conscious about what they're putting on their bodies—not to mention that many natural ingredients are incredibly effective, often more so than their artificial counterparts. (And it certainly helps that there are now tons of incredibly chic, beautifully-packaged brands in the mix.)

But though 2016 produced a laundry list of must-know natural products, we still managed to narrow down a crop of select favorites. Find them below.