The Best Natural Beauty Products at the Drugstore, According to a Makeup Artist

For those interested in taking the natural approach to their beauty routine, it may seem a bit unfamiliar and, well, pricey. As much as we love eliminating toxins, chemicals, and other unnecessary (harmful) ingredients from our daily regimens, sometimes the natural route puts a bit of a dent in our wallets. But in truth, just like not all unnatural beauty products are expensive, there are several good-for-you brands that won't break the bank—many that you can even get at the drugstore.

To find out which natural drugstore products are worth the purchase, we tapped the brain of celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson. From blush to makeup wipes to deodorant, these cheap beauty buys will be gentle to your body and your wallet. Check out her favorite products below!

What's your favorite (inexpensive) natural beauty product?