Natural Sunscreen Has Come a Long Way, and We Have the Proof

If the words “natural sunscreen” conjure nothing but dollops of chalky gloop in your mind’s eye, we’d like to be the first to deliver this exciting news: skin care companies realized this, and they fixed it. Yep, gone are the days when even the best natural sunscreens were impossible to rub in and you had to spend your summer covered in sticky white residue while wondering if it was even working.

Brands from Green People and Juice Beauty to Suntegrity and Coola are all now offering up the latest innovation in mineral suncare, with endless options of creams, milks, lotions and sprays carrying protection as high as broad-spectrum SPF 50+. Many have got the vegan life covered too by eliminating ingredients such as honey and beeswax.

Best Natural and Organic Sunscreen

With recent reports suggesting that some of the chemicals long used in popular sunscreens—namely oxybenzone and octinoxate—could be harmful to both marine life and human health, all this revolutionary reformulation couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hawaii has just become the first state to legally ban the sale of all sunscreens containing oxybenzone or octinoxate in a bid to stem the damage the chemicals are thought to have on bleaching coral reefs and ocean life. Meanwhile, research carried out by the Environmental Working Group has raised questions over the potential risks of oxybenzone as a hormone disruptor.

So since there’s never been a better time to explore natural and organic sunscreen, we’ve done the legwork and rounded up the best options right now for your face and body. From facial sunscreens that won’t clog pores to sweat- and water-resistant options, you won’t find any oxybenzone or octinoxate in these formulations, as they all opt for mineral UV filters (using either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) rather than chemicals filters that can penetrate the skin.

Scroll through the gallery below to shop our favourite natural and organic sunscreens for your skin type. We’ve got you covered—whether you’re skin’s dry, sensitive, oily or prone to breakouts.

Natural Facial Sunscreens

Best for All Skin Types:

Jurlique UV Defence Lotion SPF50 High Protection Lotion PA++++
Jurlique UV Defence Lotion SPF50 High Protection Lotion PA++++ $27

This is a great all-rounder. Jurlique’s new SPF 50 formula ticks a lot of boxes: oil-free, contains a high-level broad-spectrum protection, anti-ageing botanical extracts and a satin finish to keep shine at bay without dulling your complexion. We’re not surprised it’s been seven years in the making.

Best for Sensitive Skin:

Biosolis Extreme Fluid for Face SPF 50
Biosolis Extreme Fluid for Face SPF 50 $15

This vegan and certified organic sunscreen contains an SPF of 50 and has been specially formulated to protect skin that’s prone to reacting in the sun. If you suffer from heat rash, allergies or have skin that just doesn’t behave well on holiday, then this is for you.

Best for Dry Skin:

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer
Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer $40

Sunshine can leave even the most hydrated faces feeling parched, so if you’re already a dry type, look to this multitasking SPF 30 that’s a moisturiser, sunscreen and primer in one. It contains hyaluronic acid to retain water, a bevy of botanical extracts to keep skin feeling supple, plus aloe and zinc-oxide to soothe inflammation.

Best for Oily Skin:

Coola Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturiser
Coola Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturiser $36

Heavy sunscreens can clog pores, so if you’re prone to spots, acne or oily skin, this super lightweight formula is a safe bet. The formula is rich in antioxidants to protect from free radicals, conditions the skin and provides a matte finish, so it’s particularly great for wearing under makeup.

Best for Anti-Ageing:

Kypris Pot of Shade: Heliotropic
Kypris Pot of Shade: Heliotropic $65

All sunscreens help to fend off sun damage that can age the face, but this pot of SPF 30 from Kypris also packs probiotics to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, plus sweet iris stem cells to plump and smooth.

Natural Body Sunscreens

Green People Sun Lotion SPF 30 Scent Free
Green People Sun Lotion SPF 30 Scent Free $22

This newly reformulated, scent-free sunscreen from Green People teams broad-spectrum SPF 30 with water-repellent beeswax, plus plant extracts to soothe skin. If you prefer an SPF 15, however, we’re also big fans of the brand’s Sun Lotion SPF 15 With Tan Accelerator (£21).

Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk
Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk $20

This vegan and fragrance-free SPF 50 formula is great for all skin types but especially beneficial for sensitive skin that burns easily. It’s enriched with argan and jojoba oils to replenish dry patches. The super-light formula also sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave any white residue.

Salt & Stone SPF 30
Salt & Stone SPF 30 $15

The bottle looks great, but what’s inside is even better. Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe and antioxidants all nourish sun-drenched skin while SPF 30 protects from UVA and UVB rays.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer
Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer $19

This formula is water-resistant and enriched with vitamins C and E. Its broad-spectrum SPF 30 is ideal for beach days or when you’re likely to get a sweat on.

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