These Nail Stickers Are a 10-Second Way to Make At-Home Nail Art Look Pro

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Nail art, when it's done right, can look amazing. But without the training or a steady hand, it's easy to slip up or stress yourself out when attempting a design solo. The good news? Nail stickers are here to help. Once reserved for kids in the playground, nail stickers have been given a serious glow-up—they're a quick and easy way to pull off a top-tier mani at home. Wear any of the below and you'll have friends, colleagues, and even strangers asking where you got your nails done—trust us.

What to Look For in a Nail Sticker

Easy Application

The best thing about nail stickers is that you get "I just went to the salon" nails in as little as two minutes. Look for decals that don't need to be cut or shaped, as it can be a timely process that defeats the ease of a sticker.

Easy Removal 

Another thing we love about nail stickers is how easily you can switch up your nails. No more waiting weeks for your expensive shellac manicure to grow out. Check the instructions to make sure the nail stickers you purchase can peel or soak off.


Depending on the brand, your nail stickers may last anywhere from five to seven days. You can extend the lifespan of your stickers by applying a clear top coat after application to set them.

Read on for the best nail stickers to buy now.

Olive & June La Plage

Olive & June La Plage

This nautical nail sticker set from Olive & June is giving us serious summer vibes. All you need to do is peel a sticker (or two!), place it on your clean nails, set it with a clear topcoat, and voilà—a manicure that's truly shipshape.

hubcitynails Sunflower Nail Decals

hubcitynails Sunflower Nail Decals

If you're into flowers, brighten up your mani—literally—with these sunflower decals. An added bonus: they're super detailed.

Wild Child Company Tiny Star Nail Decals

WildChildCompany Tiny Star Nail Decals

There's no reason not to reach for the stars—or to reach for these star nail decals. They come in several colors (including black, white, pink, kaleidoscope pink, and holographic opal) to match your look.

Olive & June ABC

Olive & June ABC

This decal set from Olive & June is the perfect way for you to send a message with your manicure—it even includes exclamation points, question marks, stars, and hearts for some extra emphasis.

Olive & June All Eyes On You

Olive & June All Eyes On You

Give your mani a dose of magic with this set, which includes evil eyes, lashes, stars, and hearts.

The Moon Goddess Market Astrology Planet Symbolism Nail Decals

TheMoonGoddessMarket Astrology Planet Symbolism Nail Decals

Whether you're astrology-obsessed (CoStar, anyone?) or just like the look of the star signs, you can't go wrong with this decal set.

  • Are nail stickers bad for your nails?

    Not at all. Because many nail stickers are made from nail polish they’re incredibly easy to remove—all you need is warm water and nail polish remover.

  • Are nail stickers better than polish?

    It really depends on what you’re looking for. Nail stickers don’t damage your nails during the application process and are easier to remove. However, depending on the brand, it can take some time to properly size and apply them, which may be a con for some. 

  • How long do nail stickers last?

    Most nail sticker brands claim that their stickers can last anywhere from five to seven days. You can extend the lifespan by adding a clear top coat after application.

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