12 Nail Stickers That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Olive & June Lucky Stars Nail Art Stickers is our top pick

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Nail art is a trend that’s seen a huge resurgence in recent months. From neon tips to cute little decals, when nail art is done well, it can look pretty amazing. But there’s also a level of skill involved, so if you don’t have a particularly steady hand, it can be difficult to DIY. Enter nail art stickers. These stickers allow you to achieve the same effect without all the fuss.

From small stickers to larger ones that cover your entire nail, there are many stickers on the market to go with any mood and manicure. We rounded up the top picks that are easy to apply and long-lasting.

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Best Overall: Olive & June Lucky Stars Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June Lucky Stars Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June

Who else recommends it? Cosmopolitan also picked the Olive & June Lucky Stars Nail Art Stickers.

Inspired by top styles at Olive & June’s Los Angeles salon comes Lucky Stars, a group of tiny celestial decals that can be used individually or as a group (think of it as a tiny constellation). We especially love them on a bright red or inky midnight blue base to complement a negative space manicure.

Number of Stickers: 36

Best for the Entire Nail: SCRATCH Groundbreaking Nail Wraps

SCRATCH Groundbreaking Nail Wraps


If you want an all-over floral style, look no further than SCRATCH’s chic wraps. Designed by nail artist Nina Park, the design adheres easily to real nails. They're also extra long for optimal coverage but can be trimmed to accommodate shorter nails

Number of Stickers: 16 wraps

Best Neutral: Dashing Diva After Glow GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Palette

Dashing Diva After Glow GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Palette

Dashing Diva

If you crave the look of a gel mani but don’t want to venture out to the salon, these press-on stickers from Dashing Diva are the next best thing. They cover the entire nail bed while the excess can be filed off for a professional-looking finish. The pastel pink finish and glitter details are subtle for a gentle color street nails but complementary to all skin tones, too. 

Number of Stickers: 32 gel strips

Best Luxury: Gucci Nail Art Stickers

Gucci Nail Art Stickers


If you’re into the logomania trend, you’ll love these limited decals from Gucci. Fitted with 176 individual stickers, the designs look great on a bare nail or on top of bold color. It’s worth noting that some reviewers claim these aren’t as sticky as they’d like, so you might need to lock them in with a drop of nail glue. 

Number of Stickers: 176

Best for Bare Nails: Flowerbed Nails Giddy Up Collection Drop 002

Flowerbed Nails Giddy Up Collection Drop 002

Flowerbed Nails

Flowerbed Nails is an Australian brand founded by two savvy fashion publicists. The second drop, aptly called Giddy-Up, was created in collaboration with New Zealand-based tattoo artist Matt Trevelyan. Expect to see rattlesnakes, cowboy hats, and barbed wire. They work on bare nails, gel, or regular polish—just be sure to seal in with a topcoat. 

Number of Stickers: 287

Best for Fun: Olive & June Snack Time Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June Snack Time Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June

Love the idea of tiny pizzas on your manicure? You’ll fall hard for Olive & June’s Snack Time stickers. There’s ice cream, soda, pretzels—an entire sticker set inspired by your favorite snacks. 

Number of Stickers: 36

Best Long-Lasting: Inked by Dani Color Nail Art Tattoo

Inked by Dani Color Nail Art Tattoo


These hand-drawn designs are tiny tattoos, so they can be used on the skin and nails. They’re thin and flexible for a smooth finish, and the alien, butterfly, and cactus details are sure to lift your mood and fulfill your nail art ideas

Number of Stickers: 100+

Easiest to Use: Ciaté The Cheat Sheets Garden Party Nail Art Stickers

Ciaté The Cheat Sheets Garden Party Nail Art Stickers


Ciaté is a market leader in the nail art space, and these Garden Party decals are the ultimate example. They’re small and super thin, so feel free to add as many as will fit. From flowers to fruit, the designs themselves are also varied to suit a range of nail looks. 

Number of Stickers: 1,100

Best for Winter Nails: Olive & June Cozy Lodge Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June Cozy Lodge Nail Art Stickers

Olive & June

From tiny mittens to a pair of skis, these stickers from Olive & June are a great way to achieve wintery nails at home. Like the rest of the Olive & June range, they’re thin and quite sticky, so lay them on a dry nail and press gently before setting with clear polish. 

Number of Stickers: 36

Best Tips: Le Mini Macaron Le Touche Finale Nail Art Stickers

Le Mini Macaron Le Touche Finale Nail Art Stickers


French mani is very hard to get right at home, but these pre-painted neo tip stickers make it easy. They’re quite small and rounded, so they work well on smaller nail beds—but once applied, they look great. There are also tiny hearts and clouds that will go well with the new French manicure hack from TikTok.

Number of Stickers: Not listed

Best Value: Super Smalls Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet

Super Smalls Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet

Super Smalls

This sticker book comes with a heap of all-pleasing designs (think hearts, smileys, fruit, and peace signs) like Olivia Rodrigo's Sour nail trend. There are five pages, making them a great affordable choice if you just want to experiment or have a bit of fun. Try them on a clean nail before locking in with a clear topcoat. 

Number of Stickers: 5 sheets

Best Floral: Orosa Silver Linings Nail Stickers

Orosa Silver Linings Nail Stickers

Beyond Polish

If you’re into a sleek, monochrome mani, Orosa’s Silver Linings stickers have a metallic black finish that’s understated and cool. The designs themselves—an intricate series of florals—are handmade in Japan and can be used on both bare nails and polish. 

Number of Stickers: 53

Final Verdict

The design you choose will ultimately depend on your taste and desired finish, but we can’t get past the Olive & June Lucky Stars Nail Art Stickers for a glamorous but understated finish. And if you want to decorate the entire nail, Dashing Diva’s After Glow GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Palette is foolproof, long-wearing, and gives off a professional finish.

What to Look For in a Nail Sticker

Easy Application

The best thing about nail stickers is that you get "I just went to the salon" nails in as little as two minutes. Look for decals that don't need to be cut or shaped since it can be a time-consuming process that defeats the ease of a sticker.

Easy Removal 

Another thing we love about nail stickers is how easily you can switch up your nails. You don't have to wait weeks for your expensive shellac manicure to grow out. Check the instructions to make sure the nail stickers you purchase can peel or soak off.


Depending on the brand, your nail stickers may last anywhere from five to seven days. You can extend the lifespan of your stickers by applying a clear topcoat after application to set them.

  • Are nail stickers bad for your nails?

    Not at all. Since many nail stickers are made from nail polish, they’re incredibly easy to remove—all you need is warm water and nail polish remover.

  • Are nail stickers better than polish?

    It really depends on what you’re looking for. Nail stickers don’t damage your nails during the application process and are easier to remove. However, depending on the brand, it can take some time to properly size and apply them, which may be a con for some.

  • How long do nail stickers last?

    Most nail sticker brands claim that their stickers can last anywhere from five to seven days. You can also add a clear topcoat to add to their longevity.

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