This Is Officially the Best Place to Get Shellac in Sydney

There are a lot of places to get a great manicure in Sydney, but I reckon I know the best of the best. The secret nail salon that I speak of, long regarded by beauty editors as the only place to get Shellac in the CBD, is tucked away inside the Dymocks Building on George Street. Super-cute and unassuming, it's staffed by the loveliest group of women you could ever hope to meet. More importantly, I've never received a dud manicure there, ever. The technicians are perfectionists, every one, and I always leave completely obsessed with my fresh, flawless digits. While I have mixed feelings about revealing my private sanctuary (it's hard enough to get an appointment there as it is), I know there is nothing worse than dropping $70 on Shellac only to have it chip days later. Take it from me, this salon will give you the best manicure of your life. There's a reason I direct every bride-y pal I have there. (And only there.)

Keep scrolling for the big reveal.

Beauty Is Boring

So what is this magical manicure oasis called? (Drumroll please.) Fleurette Beauty. In addition to the immaculate Shellac the salon offers, they also do OPI Gel Colour, Bio Sculpture Gel, CND Acrylic, chic nail art and regular manis and pedis. (So, basically everything.) A Shellac manicure will set you back $45, and a pedi $55—not bad for a salon located smack bang in the heart of the city. If you're keen to experiment with unique shades, you'll also be glad to know Fleurette's technicians regularly test out different combinations of gel colours by layering them over one another. Effectively, this means you'll have dozens more options than you would at your regular nail bar. Or you can just go ahead and get the most requested Shellac shade in Australia, they have that too.

Prefer a DIY job, or not located in Sydney? CND's Vinylux range ($20) is Byrdie editor-approved for its super-glossy finish and long-wear formula.

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