7 Instagram-Worthy Nail Salons in L.A.

Let’s be honest, Los Angeles is a city that sets beauty and wellness trends and holds them to a high standard (like, really high). Currently, L.A. is burgeoning with nail salons that not only offer the very best manicures and pedicures, but that will also inspire some serious décor pinning. (We’re speaking from first-hand experience. Have you seen the neutral color scheme at Olive & June?). From all-natural and non-harmful products to nail designs that we think would require a fine art degree and one of a kind, these are a few of the reasons digital influencers, celebrities, and boss babes like Alli Webb adore these salons.

Here, we’ve compiled seven nail salons that have raised the mani/pedi bar. Care for complimentary rosé, or a bar outfitted with cold brew on tap? How about non-toxic products or a spiritual awakening? Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best nail salons in L.A. Happy pampering!