Chic Non-Gel Nail Polish to Wear This Fall

Updated 02/03/17

You may have taken a break from gels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice nails. There are plenty of stunning shades available in the traditional polish formula we’ve been overlooking since the word “gel” hit the scene. And no stress if you're not a skilled manicurist: It’s 100% unoffensive to hit up your favorite salon with your favorite color in tow. This way you’ll have it at home for touch-ups, too! Keep scrolling for five non-gel nail colors we're obsessed with for fall. 

Essie Peach Daquiri $9

Wow. This is quite possibly the perfect shade of red. It has just a hint of pink with zero orange undertones. Classic.

Dior Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Palais Royal $27

Feel like you’re spending a day in Europe wrapped in cashmere with this creamy neutral. 

Christian Louboutin Nail Colour: The Noirs in Lady Page $50

A dark color always looks awesome on shorter nails. We love Louboutin’s deep berry violet because it’s intense without looking gothic. Um—and the bottle is amazing. 

RMS Beauty Nail Polish in Luminizer $15

We are thrilled that one of our go-to all-natural beauty brands has ventured into the nail business. We’re banking that this iridescent polish will do the same thing for our nail beds that RMS Beauty’s Living Lumizer ($38) does for our cheekbones. Magic!

Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Dinge $8

Ugh, this design is so cool! Created by art students, this newish line of polish has one of the best understated neutral colors we’ve seen. Less pink, more bone. A shade good for year-round chic.

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