10 of the Best Nail Polish Brands Ever, According to Byrdie Editors

Some people think nail polish is all the same. No matter if they're in the market for a bright pink polish, a sultry red, or a vampy purple, any brand or bottle will do. Whether they're perusing the fluorescent aisles of the drugstore or a beauty retailer's virtual selection, they pick out the first color that feeds their fancy, they paint their fingernails, and they go about their business. While that's certainly one way to shop for nail polish, it's a method that we as beauty editors don't recommend due to the simple fact that some formulas are better than others. To us, it's an unequivocal truth that certain brands produce bottles of varnish that are brighter, smoother, and stronger than their counterparts in the market.

That's why we thought it was high time we shared our go-to nail polish brands—the ones we consider our defaults because we're confident we'll like the shades, the textures, and the finishes. To us, these are the 10 nail polish brands that perform the best, allowing us to shop for new shades without a shadow of a doubt.