The Internet Is Going Crazy for This Moisturizing Face Mask

True story: At a recent industry event, each beauty editor had their skin moisture levels tested with a MiLi Skin Moisture Analyzer. The first editor went and scored a 30 out of 100 (normal). The next got a 35. The next? 15. She earned a few concerned looks, from myself included.

Then it was my turn.

I expected a "normal" rating, especially since I'd generously slathered on moisturizer every single night for years leading up to that moment, but knew I had occasional dryness and tightness. But then, the number popped up on the screen. "0," it said. I'm sorry, zero?! What am I, a corpse? I shook it off and blamed it on glitchy technology or the fact I was wearing a thick layer of foundation and powder, and I demanded I get my neck tested instead. The result? A 10. Out of one hundred. Clearly, I was doing something wrong and needed to trade in my moisturizers and serums stat. Thus began my hunt for a something that would quench my skin's insatiable thirst.

Thankfully, our friends at Rank & Style investigated the internet's favorite moisturizing masks—the heavy hitters of their category—to help parched people like myself step up their hydration game. Take a look at the top five picks below.