Is Your Skin Hydrated? This Is How to Find Out

For spring, we’re running a series showcasing the skincare products of our most-loved beauty influencers and what theyre buying at Sephora. Each week, we’re sending one of our favorite gurus to their local store to document their entire shopping spree on Byrdie’s Snapchat. Make sure to tune in each Saturday to follow along, and check back here monthly to see (and shop!) the items that made it into their Sephora carts. Enjoy.

Beauty lovers around the world know that Sephora is the place to go for every skin-, hair-, and makeup-related need. Our Sephora shopping strategy? While it’s fun to go in and aimlessly peruse the aisles of alluring products, we’ve found that if we head in with a specific beauty need in mind, we always leave satisfied. And we’ve got proof… Four beauty gurus went to their local Sephoras with one objective—testing out the retailer’s new Moisture Meter, a new type of skincare technology that measures how hydrated your skin is. The best part? You don’t need to remove your makeup in order to use it. All you have to do is ask a Sephora cast member for help, and after they finish the reading, they’ll suggest a moisturizer based off your skin’s particular needs.

Curious? Find out how it went for each of the women and see what products were recommended for them to use.