9 Model Beauty Tips We Learned This Year That Don't Involve Drinking Water

It's so thrilling to have access to models and celebrities since it offers up the opportunity to ask them questions about their skincare, hair, and makeup routines as well as how they balance it all with self-care and mental health practices. Most of the time, the answers we receive are thoughtful, honest, and entirely helpful. Then, there are the times when "drink a lot of water" is the only tip presented throughout the entire 20 or so minutes we spend with a person. That's fine; water is really good for your health and body and, yes, your skin, but that's not a secret. By the time the water you've consumed makes it through your entire digestive system, topical skincare products could have already worked their magic. 

So instead, we went back and read through our favorite model interviews for all the tips that have nothing to do with drinking more water at all. There's information about yoga, blood flow, moisturizers, shampoo for curly hair, and the best-ever concealer on the market. Below, find the advice you've been looking for.