Nutritionists Agree: These Are the Best (and Worst) Foods for Weight Loss

So you're looking to lose a little weight. We're not judging you. Everyone's fitness goals are personal and individual, so whether you're interested in dropping a few pounds of bloat or a bigger amount, we're here to help. 

We should all probably know by now that straight-up calorie restriction is not the best weight-loss method. (Trust us—check out seven diet tips that work way better than calorie counting.) Instead, choosing the right foods, instead of no food at all, is the way to go. But how is a person to know what foods successfully encourage weight loss? Which meals help reduce inflammation, suppress your appetite, and keep you satisfied for longer while filling you up with all the nutrients you need?

To find out, we consulted three trusted nutritionists who clued us into the best meals to eat to lose weight. Keep reading to find out the six best (and three worst) foods for weight loss!