Hands Down: These Are the Best Mascaras Maybelline Has Ever Made

For those of us with incredibly pale, blonde eyelashes, mascara is a necessity. Actually, even if you have dark lashes, odes have been written to the transformative powers of this beauty product. Mascara has the magical ability to make your eyes look whiter, wider, and more awake, all with a few fell swipes of a wand. And you can't talk about mascara without thinking about Maybelline. A bottle of its iconic pink and green Great Lash mascara is sold every two seconds. In fact, Maybelline actually brought mascara to the world when chemist Thomas Williams made Cake Mascara, inspired by his sister Mabel who put Vaseline and coal dust on her lashes to lift and tint them (hence the name Maybelline!).

In addition to Great Lash, the brand also boasts some other stellar mascaras. From formulas for intense volume to fluttery lashes to falsie-like length, the brand offers a multitude of mascaras for every beauty look. We perused Ulta to find the best Maybelline mascaras. Find them below.

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Opening Image: Imaxtree