The Matte Topcoats That Protect Our Manis, Minus the Shine

Let's be honest—in the world of DIY manicures, our favorite polishes receive the majority of love while the still very essential topcoats kind of fall by the wayside. (Not entirely fair considering they keep our application shiny, healthy, and chip-free, right?) And while most of the time we desire a jubilantly jelly-like (i.e., shiny) finish sometimes, especially come the moodier months of fall, we crave something a little less predictable. Enter: matte nails.

Of course, the nail polish industry has gifted us with bottle after bottle of various formulas when it comes to our desired finish, and matte is no exception. However, sometimes we want our favorite shiny shade (that may not come in matte) to look chicly flat in lieu of its usual shimmer. This, my friends, is where a high-quality, handy matte topcoat can come into play.

Ahead, find 10 of the best matte topcoats that will not only protect your mani from chips and other inevitable wear and tear but offer the coolest, chicest, perfectly matte finish to complement your favorite polish shade this season. Keep scrolling! Regardless of your budget, your ultimate play-hard formula awaits.