The 30 Best Matte Lipsticks Money Can Buy

If you don't love matte lipsticks, get ready to cross over because you've been missing out, my friend. There could be many reasons you're not into mattes—a main one being that unfortunately many lazy formulas have a tendency to be drying. No one wants to sit around with their lips feeling chapped and cracked because their lipstick has sucked the life out of them. However, not all matte lipsticks are created equal, and there is indeed a way to make matte formulas feel comfortable, weightless, and long-lasting. 

Moisturizing mattes usually contain common ingredients you should look for like vitamin E, shea butter, avocado oil, and more. Matte lipsticks are pretty much all I wear because I'm admittedly lazy, and I despise reapplying my lipstick. I also enjoy copious amounts of coffee and snacks, so I rely on non-budge formulas that stick by me for hours. Thankfully, the below matte lipsticks prove this is not too much to ask for. Keep scrolling for the best matte lipsticks on the market along with our favorite shades in each line.