Binge-Masking Is the New Binge-Watching, According to Instagram

We spend (admittedly too much) time on our phones daily, so we consider ourselves to be pretty savvy when it comes to spotting new trends on social media. And if our feeds have shown us anything lately, it’s that binge-masking is the new binge-watching. Not to be confused with multi-masking, binge-masking is when you apply a face mask, let it sit, rinse, and repeat. (And repeat and repeat.)

Think of it like binge-watching your favorite show: You do it because you can’t wait a week to see what happens next. With binge-masking, you get to see instant results and tackle multiple skin concerns, not to mention your entire face gets to reap the benefits. Genius. 

And when it comes to the indulging ritual, Fresh’s wide selection of masks makes it easy to get the job done—even on the go. Just ask the five beauty influencers we talked to about all things skin-related.