I Tried Byrdie Editors' Favorite Mascaras—Read My Reviews

I’m always dreaming of impossibly thick, inky black eyelashes and the flirtatious flutter that comes along with them. Think Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Adele. I’ve even gone so far as to tint mine, perm them, and glue on eyelash extensions to get the desired effect over the years. When it comes down to it, though, the most important thing is confidence and a great mascara.

I’ve fallen in love with many, but most have either been discontinued or generally forgettable over time. Recently, I’ve been blissfully swiping and brushing with Too Faced’s Better Than False Lashes Extreme ($35), which includes a duo-fiber spiral brush to capture every last hair and a separate tube with nylon fibers to extend and thicken your lashes. The difference between my natural lashes and those adorned with Too Faced’s formula is astonishing. Sometimes I’ll just do one eye and stare in the mirror in pure disbelief. But with my most recent favorite tube on its last legs, I decided to seek advice from the women in my life who know best—my fellow Byrdie editors. I fancy my own lashes quite long—but the right mascara can make a world of difference.

But, I wondered, would my own win out in the end, or would I fall hard for a different product and leave my beloved behind? Keep reading to find out exactly what went down and which mascara was a step above the rest.

Now, see what happened when our editorial director tested and reviewed every Brydie editor’s favorite foundation.