You Should Be Using This $33 Mascara, Says Everyone

Updated 04/10/17

If you're going to claim your mascara is "better than sex", you'd better be pretty sure it is. Not only do people love to hate on beauty products that don't quite do what they claim, it's rarely possible to create a mascara that pleases everyone. (One woman's lash-lengthening staple is another's can't-find-my-favourite-so-I'll-just-use-this backup.) With such high stakes—even a handful of bad reviews can banish a promising launch to the bargain bin—you can be sure Too Faced knew exactly what it was doing when it introduced its now-cult Better Than Sex Mascara ($33) to the masses. The clump-proof wonder has 1342 glowing reviews on Mecca (!) to back up its reported curling and volumising powers. Says KYLIELOUISE88: "Every time I wear this mascara I get asked where I got my eyelash extensions done." That's proof enough for us!

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $33

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