The 11 Best Makeup Products With SPF of 2023, Tested and Approved

These picks give glam and sun protection

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Best Makeup Products with SPF

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Sun damage, skin cancer, and premature aging are just a few of the reasons we are major proponents of year-round sunscreen usage. And, while we have our go-to sunscreens, we’ve decided to take a little extra precaution by adding makeup with SPF into the mix. After all, you can never have too much sun protection. From protective lip balms that add just the right amount of hydration to high SPF foundations that offer full coverage, there are plenty of products that fulfill their purpose while also protecting skin from the sun’s harsh rays. 

It’s worth noting that the SPF found in makeup won’t be enough for you to meet the dermatologist-recommended level of protection and should act as more of a bonus. It’s important to lean on an SPF of 30 or higher before you layer it in order to achieve optimal levels of coverage.

This is a tricky category, so to take the guesswork out of selecting the right makeup with SPF for you, we handpicked 23 of the most popular options and asked our testers to try them out in our Manhattan lab and at home. After using the makeup for two weeks, testers judged each one based on the color payoff and longevity, the amount of SPF, and whether or not the formula actually performed well as a makeup product. The highest-rated products made the list.

Best Full-Coverage Foundation

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream With SPF 50+

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+


What We Like
  • Evens out skin tones

  • Doesn't clog pores

  • Contains beneficial ingredients

What We Don't Like
  • Hard to find an exact match

For quick, flawless coverage and a heaping dose of SPF, check out this catch-all product from IT Cosmetics. This CC Cream offers a full-coverage finish that blurs the look of imperfections and helps even out an uneven skin tone while also boasting SPF 50+ sun protection. It’s buildable, easy to layer, and doesn’t clog pores. Best of all, it contains a load of beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E to hydrate and condition the skin during wear. Despite being a cream, it’s not very thick and actually settles beautifully into the skin, giving it a lit-from-within glow without looking cakey. During testing, we found that wears well throughout the day, and although it transfers a tiny bit when using blotting paper or a tissue, it re-sets nicely with powder and setting spray.

It can be hard to find an exact match, but we recommend taking a look at the warm, neutral, and cool undertones to find one that pairs with your skin tone the best. 

Price at time of publish: $44

Type: Chemical | SPF: 50+ | Additional Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin E | Size: 0.41 oz. or 1.08 oz.

Best Lightweight Foundation

bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15

bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation


What We Like
  • White cast-free

  • Lightweight, skin-like feel

  • Mattifying

What We Don't Like
  • Can be hard to open at first

Not everyone loves the feeling of a cream foundation. If you’re team powder or simply just like a light touch of product (as opposed to a heavier application), you’ll enjoy this loose powder foundation from bareMinerals. The formula is designed to sit atop your skin and provide SPF 15 sun protection and sheer-to-full (depending on how you build it) coverage with a naturally luminous finish. In just a few swipes of a brush, you can expect pores and imperfections to look less obvious and oily areas like the T-zone to be less shiny. During testing, we noticed that the packaging has a handy locking mechanism that closes the powder off from spilling everywhere—aka a great choice if you’re frequently traveling or prone to messes. The only downside: We found the packaging (plastic wrap with a pull tab) tricky to open upon arrival. Try to utilize scissors or call on someone with extra nimble hands for help.

Price at time of publish: $38

Type: Mineral | SPF: 15 | Additional Ingredients: Responsibly sourced mica | Size: 0.28 oz.

Best Splurge Foundation

La Mer The Soft Moisture Powder Foundation

La Mer The Soft Moisture Powder Foundation

La Mer

What We Like
  • Blurs pores

  • Medium coverage

  • Mattifying

What We Don't Like
  • Shades skew light

At 140 dollars, this foundation from La Mer does cost a pretty penny, but we swear it contains some type of sorcery. Allow us to explain; it goes on like a powder and has the payoff and coverage of a thicker cream while mitigating oiliness. We were so surprised by how little this formula settled into pores during testing. Oftentimes, powders like this one make pores look more obvious, but we were pleased to discover that this had the opposite effect—in fact, it blurred the look of enlarged pores and skin texture. Coverage that doesn’t quit, paired with the fact that it helps curb shininess throughout the day, sold this formula for us. The only caveat: The shade options skew on the lighter end. We wish there were darker options so that those with deeper skin tones could find a more perfect match. 

Price at time of publish: $140

Type: Hybrid | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Miracle Broth, Lime tea concentrate, Sea ferment | Size: 0.33 oz.

Best Dewey Finish

Dior Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Dior Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50


What We Like
  • Applies beautifully

  • Delivers a more balanced-looking skin tone

What We Don't Like
  • Only 3 shades available

This light-coverage foundation compact from Dior is radiance you can hold in your hand. All you need is just two or three pats of the subtly pigmented formula to brighten up your complexion and protect your skin from the sun. It’s loaded with SPF 50 and longoza flower, an ingredient renowned for its anti-aging properties, among a whole slew of other ingredients that help disguise the look of an uneven complexion (think: dark spots, enlarged pores, and redness). After testing, we found that skin looked more luminous, smoothed, and dewy, making it the perfect option for those who love a fresh-faced glow. The only downside is that it comes in three shades. 

Price at time of publish: $45

Type: Hybrid | SPF: 50 | Additional Ingredients: Glycerin, Palmaria palmata extract | Size: 0.33 oz.

Best Multi-Purpose Foundation

PÜR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

Pur 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup


What We Like
  • 26 shade options

  • Acts as foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF

What We Don't Like
  • Can settle into large pores

Lightweight and easy to apply on the go, this pick from PÜR is great for stowing in your bag. Whether you use it as your first round of defense or as a way to re-apply as the day goes on, the mineral sunscreen-based product has a lot to offer. For one, it’s a concealer, foundation, pressed powder, and SPF, so you’re saving some space by keeping this one on hand. Secondly, we found that it does a wonderful job of soaking up oil and adding more sunscreen without an annoying white cast. Best of all, it soaks in right away, so you don’t have to worry about transfer or a powdery finish. Just be aware that some say it can settle into enlarged pores around the nose. 

Price at time of publish: $30

Type: Mineral | SPF: 15 | Additional Ingredients: Waltheria extract, Shea butter, Vitamin E | Size: 0.28 oz.

Best Eyeshadow

Supergoop! Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow SPF 30

Supergoop! Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow


What We Like
  • Shimmery and creamy

  • Comes in a cute little pot

What We Don't Like
  • The color payoff could be more bold

We’ll be the first to admit that we often forget about protecting our eye skin from the sun. However, give us an eyeshadow with SPF infused into it, and we’ll never forget it again. Say hello to the very first eyeshadow with SPF 30: Supergoop!’s Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow. The creamy formula adds a subtle wash of shimmer across eyelids while simultaneously keeping them protected from harmful UV rays with SPF 30. It contains a unique hybrid of mineral and clean chemical sunscreen actives and blends perfectly across the delicate eyelid skin without creasing, flaking, or fading. During testing, we especially loved how dreamy and finger-friendly it is to use—you just swipe a bit of formula across your lids for a lit-from-within, glowy finish. It feels buttery to the touch and thanks to the super cute little pot packaging, it travels well, too. The only con worth noting is that the three different shade offerings are very natural and don’t have a bold payoff. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Type: Hybrid | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Mica, Sunflower seed oil, Jasmine flower extract | Size: 0.18 oz.

Best Blush

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm SPF 50

Colorscience Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm SPF 50


What We Like
  • Smooth, creamy consistency

  • Easy glide

  • A little goes a long way

What We Don't Like
  • Can be very pigmented if you press too hard

We’re all for a multi-use product, especially if it contains SPF 50 like this one. Highly pigmented and extra creamy, this flush-colored balm from Colorescience can be used to hydrate and protect lips, lids, and cheeks. The all-mineral formula contains zinc oxide, except without the white cast. In fact, each of the three shades—blush, berry, and bronze—is gorgeously pigmented and leaves behind a nice wash of blush or bronzer to warm up the skin. We tried using it in a few ways during testing (swiping it directly onto the skin, using a brush to blend it out, and even dabbing it on with a finger), and we can promise it lays beautifully no matter what. The only caveat: It can be very pigmented, so if you press too hard, the color payoff might be a little too much. 

Price at time of publish: $26

Type: Mineral | SPF: 50 | Additional Ingredients: Squalane, Candelilla wax, Mica | Size: 0.32 oz.

Best Tinted Lip Balm

MDSolarSciences Hydrating Sheer Lip Balm SPF 30

MDSolarSciences Hydrating Sheer Lip Balm SPF 30


What We Like
  • Creamy, non-sticky texture

  • Applies evenly

  • Subtle

What We Don't Like
  • Not for those who want bold or glossy lips

It’s really hard to find a great tinted lip balm in general; when you throw SPF in the mix, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. This pick from MDSolarSciences pleasantly surprised us during testing and ended up coming out on top because of how subtle yet gorgeous it looked on lips. It’s not shiny—so it’s not a great option for those looking for a gloss, but it—and actually coats lips with comfortable hydration that lasts for hours. Not to mention, the color is subtle but lovely nonetheless. There are seven shades to choose from, ranging from clear and an apricot sheer tint called “Bare” to coral pink and ruby red.  

Price at time of publish: $23

Type: Mineral | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Shea butter, Avocado oil, Olive oils | Size: 0.15 oz.

Best Plumping Lip Balm

Sunnie Skin Plump It Lips Hyaluronic + SPF 30 Lip Plumper

Sunnie Skin Plump It Lips w/ Hyaluronic Acid

Sunnie Skin

What We Like
  • Plumping and volumizing

  • Moisturizing feel

What We Like
  • Can feel tingly

If you’re looking for a lip balm to slightly plump and hydrate your lips, you can’t go wrong with the Sunnie Skin Plump It Lips. It contains chemical sunscreen filters, hyaluronic acid, and a proprietary complex of stimulating ingredients to double down on UV rays and dryness. In just a few swipes during testing, we noticed that lips looked softer and more voluptuous. The formula does tingle upon contact with the skin (so if you don’t like that feeling, this one may not be for you), but it does help lips appear more plump and rosy as a result. 

Price at time of publish: $45

Type: Chemical | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Shea butter, Avocado oil, Olive oils | Size: 0.15 oz.

Best Glossy Lip Balm

Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 with Sea Moss and Aloe Stem Cells

Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 with Sea Moss and Aloe Stem Cells


What We Like
  • Imparts a pretty sheen

  • Helps soften chapped lips

What We Don't Like
  • Can feel tacky

A lip gloss that doubles as sun protection? Sign us up. This long-lasting formula from Cay Skin leaves a glossy sheen on the lips (in either clear, rose, or berry) that protects, softens, and tastes like vanilla brown sugar. During testing, we found that it compares to top lip oils on the market like the Clarins Lip Oil or the Dior Lip Oil because of how smoothly it goes on. It doesn’t require much reapplication, and even after eating and drinking, lips feel soft and supple. It can feel tacky and sticky (we noticed some flyaway hairs get stuck in the gloss while in the testing lab), but for this amount of shine, we’d say it’s entirely worth it. 

Price at time of publish: $14

Type: Chemical | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Shea butter, Aloe stem cells, Sea moss  | Size: .35 oz

Best Moisturizing Lip Bals

Supergoop! Play Lip Balm SPF 30 with Acai

Supergoop! PLAY Lip Balm SPF 30 with Acai


What We Like
  • Cute, sanitary squeeze tube

  • Hydrating and protective

What We Don't Like
  • One clear shade option

Not too thick and not too sticky, this balm’s consistency is lovely. It fully absorbs in about 15 minutes and feels really nice on the lips. During testing, this balm did a great job of keeping lips hydrated, even on those of us with really cracked lips. It does require reapplication every few hours for that balmy feeling, but it’s not necessary; the softening effects of this balm can be felt long after it’s gone. The balm, which is housed in an easy-to-use squeeze applicator, goes on totally clear (but we’re not mad about it since it leaves behind such a glowy-looking pout) and offers SPF 30 sun protection thanks to clean chemical filters.

Price at time of publish: $12

Type: Chemical | SPF: 30 | Additional Ingredients: Shea butter, Safflower oil, Sesame seed oil  | Size: 0.5 fl. oz.

Final Verdict

The best makeup with SPF ultimately comes down to the type of makeup you’re looking for. The Dior Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is a light-to-medium coverage foundation that disguises dark spots and dullness while providing SPF 50 sun protection for your entire face. The Supergoop! Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow, on the other hand, is a makeup product designed to block the sun’s rays from your eyelids and provide a subtle wash of color. The Sunnie Skin Plump It Lip Plumper is a gorgeous plumping balm that offers hydration, volume, and SPF protection for your lips. 

Meet the Expert

Dr. Jeanette Graf, MD is a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mt Sinai School of Medicine. 

How We Tested

Byrdie editors did extensive research on popular makeup products containing SPF, taking expert recommendations and consumer reviews into account before choosing 23 to test out first-hand. Each tester considered each product’s longevity, color payoff, consistency, and overall performance before deciding on a rating from one to five. Those with the highest scores made the list. All tests were performed in The Lab, our Manhattan product testing facility.

What to Look for When Buying Makeup with SPF


According to Jeanette Graf, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, titanium dioxide, oxybenzone, and zinc oxide are common and effective ingredients added to makeup products to provide SPF protection. Ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are mineral-based and are often found in (you guessed it) mineral sunscreens like the bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation. Ingredients like avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone are well-known chemical filters that lay on top of the skin and absorb UV and turn them into heat. The IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Full-Coverage Foundation with SPF 50+ relies on chemical filters such as these to protect the skin from sun exposure. 

Type of SPF

The two types of sunscreens (mineral and chemical) are different, despite serving the same purpose. Mineral sunscreens block the sun’s rays physically, while chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays and converting them into heat. Both types are effective and will keep you protected; however, if you have sensitive skin or are trying to avoid chemicals in your beauty routine, a mineral option is the way to go. We really like the PÜR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, a foundation containing SPF 15. That’s not to say chemical sunscreens are bad—in fact, we recommend the Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30—but check the ingredient lists and avoid ingredients like oxybenzone, which studies show can be harmful to the environment. 

SPF Strength

While makeup products with SPF can offer some level of protection from the sun, they are not enough on their own. “I always recommend layering an SPF 50 on the skin before makeup—even if it has SPF in it already,” she explains. “Makeup with SPF is a great supplement to your SPF routine, but should not be counted on alone, although great for touch-ups during the day.” 

  • How can you protect your skin from the sun?

    “When it comes to sun protection, it’s important to use a combination of measures, like staying out of the sun during peak hours, wearing UV protective clothing, and applying sunscreen of at least SPF 30 (although I ideally shoot for SPF 50+),” Graf explains. “Be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours—or more frequently if you're swimming or in direct sunlight.” 

  • What’s the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreen?

    According to Graf, chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays and convert them to heat that gets released by the body, whereas mineral sunscreens physically block the sun's rays like a shield with the help of mineral-based ingredients. 

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