The 9 Makeup Tutorials We Learned the Most From in 2016

We've learned so much in the realm of beauty this year, like an amazing (and strange) Korean powder hack for perfectly set foundation, that applying glitter polish with a sponge yields much better results, and that applying only a dab of bronzer underneath your lower lip creates the illusion of a fuller pout. While we've gleaned these tips from makeup artists, friends, and the dark corners of the internet, there's one steady stream of beauty we can always count on as a source: YouTube makeup tutorials.

The numbers don't lie: millions of women (and men) flock to the site to learn how to create stunning new looks, including us here at Byrdie HQ. There's something oddly satisfying about watching someone go through an entire makeup routine from start to finish and watch the transformation unfold, so to give you all a bit of eye candy, we rounded up our favorite tutorials from 2016 (with a few of our own makeup hack videos thrown in for good measure). Watch the best makeup tutorials of 2016 below!