A Foundation, Blush, and Highlighter Trio for Every Price Point

Let's get right to the point: You want to enhance your face's natural iconic-ness with makeup, but shopping for products amid the bajillions in the beauty store is more overwhelming than doing your taxes or figuring out how to cancel your gym membership. Makeup was an $8.1 billion industry in 2017 (that's more than skincare and fragrance by a long shot), and with so many product options, advertising, and social media publicity, scrambling through the static to find out what in the world is actually worth buying can feel impossible. That's especially true if you're a busy human being, either don't care to or don't have time to devour every single last makeup review on Byrdie.com (which, like, we get it), want products that actually perform, and have a strict dollar limit to adhere to.

We're not huge on fuss here at Byrdie, so in the name of telling you exactly what you should buy, no nonsense, no brouhaha, we've assembled a face makeup starter pack for three different price points, comprised of a foundation, blush, and highlighter. Certainly, everyone has a different skin tone and type (not to mention varying tastes in shades, textures, etc.), but we're still pretty confident that the following products should do you right no matter what you're working with.