Product Wars: We Rate and Review Our Favorite Makeup Sponges Under $15


Hallie Gould

I've been obsessively patting and blending with my prized Beautyblender ($20) for a few months now, and we're really happy together. It knows when I need a little extra glow, and I know exactly how to use it to get there. But I wondered if there were other makeup sponges out there for me too. Call it a fear of commitment or the need to product hoard, but I decided to get my hands on a few more top tools on the market. 

I squeezed, squished, blotted, and tapped to my heart's desire with my favorites and wrote detailed reviews so you can decide on which one works best for you. Because after all, a properly blended face and a few colorful sponges may just be the secret to lifelong happiness. Or at least a dozen great selfies.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about my favorite wallet-friendly options.

To make sure you're not using your beloved makeup sponge incorrectly, peep our easy-to-follow guide.