Against the Clock: 5 Makeup Removers, Timed

Learning to cleanse my face properly and consistently was without a doubt my gateway to a solid skincare routine, and in turn, a better-than-ever complexion. (Specifically, it was Eve Lom's cleanser that got me hooked on the ritual.) But it wasn't always this way: Just a couple of short years ago, the extent of my face-washing habit was a container of Trader Joe's tea tree cleansing pads kept on my nightstand as halfhearted inspiration, should I feel inclined to remove my makeup after crash-landing in bed. Needless to say, I usually woke up with mascara smudges on my pillow. 

Now, I honestly enjoy the proper technique, and the visible difference to my complexion is convincing enough in itself. But I'm still a human being—a lazy one at that—and after long, stressful days at the office, I'm really just focused on removing my face as quickly, thoroughly, and painlessly as possible. On such an evening recently, I exhaustedly opened up my vanity cabinet only to be met with half a dozen different makeup removers. Wipes? Oils? Balms? Which would get the job done and allow me to pass out sooner?

Determined to find my most efficient route from commute to bed, I thought I'd find out for sure, by using a stopwatch to time five different categories of makeup remover. (In the interest of accuracy and #science, I picked a few different products from each category and averaged it out, before picking my favorite.) The results don't lie—see how they stack up below. 

What are your favorite makeup removers? Got any tips for speedy and efficient cleansing? Sound off below!