The Best Makeup Organizers to Keep Your Stash Tidy

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The 12 Best Makeup Organizers of 2022

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As if cluttered makeup bags weren't already hard enough to deal with, worse yet is when the contents of those bags become haphazardly strewn about our vanity tables. So here's a word of advice: Take inventory of the makeup you do have (to avoid unnecessary purchases in the future) and get rid of anything you likely won't touch again. Once your stash is pared down, it's time to organize it.

Makeup organizers come in all different sizes and looks. There are those that operate as mini vanities (LED mirror included), and others designed with drawers of varying sizes to accommodate anything from eyeshadow palettes to vibrant lipsticks. Some are acrylic, some rotate, and others can be easily packed up and taken with you on the go.

Below, the best organizers to tidy-up your makeup.

Best Overall: Sorbus 7-Drawer Makeup Storage Case

sorbus makeup organizer

Courtesy of QVC

What We Like
  • Two different drawer options

  • Minimalist appeal

  • Clear to easily see makeup supplies

What We Don't Like
  • Could be more durable

Who else recommends it? This product was also selected by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, PureWow, and Apartment Therapy.

What do buyers say? 86% of 25,400+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

While it’s transparent enough to know exactly where you relegated each of your products, the stack comes in a range of colors—even marble, for you minimalists. It has three wide drawers for palettes and four at half the size for smaller items. That’s not to mention, of course, the brush holder, lipstick compartment. This is the organizer for the makeup obsessive who wants everything to have its own home.

Material: Clear Acrylic Plastic | Color: Pink | Size: 9.25 x 6.25 x 14.25 in.

Best for Brushes: byAlegory Makeup Beauty Brush Organizer and Drying Stand

byAlegory Makeup Beauty Brush Organizer and Drying Stand

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Designed with three hole sizes

  • Holds 12 brushes

  • Attractive rounded edges

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to get brushes in and out

Speaking of brushes holders, this is the Rolls Royce. Instead of squeezing together handles and hoping the bristles dry at the other end, this stand separates each brush so they never have to touch. To use, just extract a brush and thread it back into its individual hole after you’ve finished. Did we mention its crystal-reminiscent design is insanely cute?

Material: Clear Acrylic Plastic | Color: Pink, White | Size: 5.12 x 5.12 x 13.03 in.

Best Bag: KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag

KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag

 Courtesy of KUSSHI 

What We Like
  • Multiple zippers for easy access

  • Many different size options

  • Machine washable

  • Comes in vegan leather

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

There’s a reason influencers everywhere, and Byrdie’s very own Hallie Gould, can’t get enough of this makeup bag. The structured soft-case keeps makeup intact on the most turbulent of trips, but malleable enough to squeeze into tight spaces. Its dual-sided zip reaches down to the base of the bag so there’s no need to rummage around for that elusive eyeliner sharpener—it also always comes in discreet charcoal or black, with a brightly-colored liner of your choice for optimal visibility. If you really want luxury, opt for the leather version, which features two secret pockets.

Material: Nylon, Mesh | Closure: Zip | Size: Various

Best Budget: Sonia Kashuk Countertop Makeup Tray Organizer

Sonia Kashuk Countertop Makeup Tray Organizer

 Courtesy of Target

What We Like
  • Stylish, contemporary gold rim

  • Can easily access makeup products

  • Long-lasting

What We Don't Like
  • Compartment proportions could be larger

This is an old classic and personal favorite. Its gold-rimmed clear countertop gives you pretty much everything you need, including a range of compartment-sizes. The one downside is that large palettes will have to find their own home, but for smaller products, this can’t be beaten.

Material: Acrylic Plastic | Color: Clear | Size: 8.125 x 6.125 x 4.5 in.

Best Splurge: Mark & Graham Terminal 1 Cosmetic Case

Mark & Graham Terminal 1 Cosmetic Case

 Courtesy of Mark & Graham 

What We Like
  • Comes in eight colors

  • Very roomy

  • Chic vintage look

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Looking for luxury? We’ve got you covered. The cosmetic case is objectively beautiful—available in eight colors with contrasting leather straps, and striped lining. You can also customize it with your initials if you’re really feeling fancy. It’s also not just a pretty face, but practical too: Its hard exterior protects your products, and individual pockets store brushes and favorite lipsticks so you never have to dig.

Material: Polycarbonate, Leather, Polyester | Closure: Zip-Around | Size: 11.5 x 8.0 x 8.5 in.

Best Acrylic: Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

 Ikee Design Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Offers plenty of space

  • Appealing color

  • Many compartments

What We Don't Like
  • Drawers are a bit squeaky

This one's for you in-betweeners. If you don’t want the commitment of a heavy-duty organizer, but still want to optimize your organization, this is by far the best acrylic option. With two full-size display drawers, two half-size as well as top compartments, you can finally consolidate all your products in one place. For those who do need a little more storage, this does also come in a bigger size. Oh, and you can order it in a slightly less-sheer diamond pattern.

Material: Acrylic Plastic | Color: Brown | Size: 9.25 x 5.375 x 11.625 in.

Best Design: Sephora Collection Makeup Organizer

Sephora Collection Makeup Organizer

 Courtesy of Sephora

What We Like
  •  16-cube organizer topper

  • Each drawer contains a black lining

  • A dependable crowd favorite

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't store a large supply of products

Sephora's makeup organizers are always beloved, but this one is a particular crowd favorite. Arriving in a sheer pink, each draw has a black lining so any spills don’t require a full cleanout. Bear in mind this organizer isn’t huge—if you’re looking to house a large number of products you may need some supplementary storage facilities—but it is built in a similar style to the Everything Stack.

Material: Acrylic Plastic | Color: Sheer Pink | Size: Unknown

Best Rotating: Jerrybox 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

jerrybox organizer

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Seven compartments with large capacity

  • 360-degree rotation

  • Adjustable

  • Accommodates at least 30 makeup brushes

What We Don't Like
  • Shipments may sometimes be missing parts

Finally, a smorgasbord for makeup. A cylindrical shelving system that spins for your convenience? Yes, please. The Jerrybox Organizer has seven levels of trays that you can adjust to the most applicable height, and it’s small enough so as to not consume your countertop. It also rotates completely silently and is easy to wash. Cut your get-ready time in two with this dream.

Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Size: 11.81 x 9.49 x 2.01 in.

Best Classic: Caboodles On the Go Girl Makeup Bag

Caboodles Makeup Bag On The Go Girl

 Courtesy of Ulta

What We Like
  • Auto-open tray

  • Secure latch

  • Flip-lid mirror

  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Like
  • A bit bulky

Ah the Caboodle, hello, old friend. The Caboodle has been in rotation as a portable makeup organizer by those in the know for a long time. If you’re en route to a location with dubious mirror space, this is the organizer to bring. Folding out two tray levels and a full mirror stand, get ready everywhere and anywhere, then pop it in your overnight bag and keep it moving—the hard shell will ensure your makeup stays safe.

Material: Plastic | Closure: Latch | Size: 13.0 x 6.0 x 8.0 in.

Best for Travel: Relavel Black Small Makeup Case

Relavel Black Small Makeup Case

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Adjustable compartments

  • Comes in two colors

  • Waterproof, shockproof, and anti-wear interiors

What We Don't Like
  • Might be too tiny for some

As a perpetually in-transit makeup fiend, this one is a personal favorite. The case is structured by movable sections (you can take them out altogether to make it softer and flatter if you need space in a suitcase), which keeps your makeup from being crushed. A side pocket on the flap fits palettes, while brushes fit snugly into the compartments. In short, there’s truly no product this doesn’t accommodate— and it’s pretty enough to sit on your vanity if you’re so inclined.

Material: Plastic | Closure: Zip | Size: 10.16 x 9.53 x 4.06 in.

Best Innovation: Fancii Gala Vanity Mirror

Fancii Modern Makeup Mirror

 Courtesy of Fancii 

What We Like
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation

  • True-to-life color-correct details

  • Built-in 10x magnification

  • Can be powered by battery or USB

What We Don't Like
  • Pull out mirror could be bigger

You don’t wear a lot of makeup on the day-to-day, but you do want your products neatly accessible: meet the Modern Makeup Mirror. The LED mirror has a small pull out magnification mirror to get up-close-and-personal, and its base doubles as a makeup organizer for the essentials. Save yourself rooting around in a larger unit, and keep the basics on hand to swipe on in a flash.

Shape: Square | Type: Freestanding | Size: 4.5 x 7.3 x 14.6 in.

Best Eco-Friendly: Sorbus 360° Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer

Sorbus 360° Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Has eight sections

  • Double-sided

  • Conveniently rotates

What We Don't Like
  • Engineering quality could use more attention

Save the planet and shelve your makeup practically with this organizer created from bamboo. This stand may not rival its acrylic competitors when it comes to a ton of specialized compartments, but it does do a great job of keeping you covered with all the necessities. There are holes for brushes, and shelves of various heights to suit a range of different products. Did we mention it’s double-sided?

Material: Bamboo Wood | Color: Natural/Brown | Size: 10.0 x 7.1 x 11.7 in.

What to Look For in a Makeup Organizer


Makeup organizers come in many different styles, from see-through drawers to cosmetic bags that keep products together for traveling. There are also organizers designed for holding specific products like eyeliner, brushes, and palettes. There are so many ways to customize your makeup display with organizers—it all comes down to your personal preferences.


Storage capacity is a big factor in whether a makeup organizer is the one for you. Some organizers have many sections designed for storing brushes or lip products while others don’t. Choosing the amount of storage you need is dependent on how many products you have.

  • How do you clean a makeup organizer?

    To clean a makeup organizer, you'll need a solution of mild soap and water. Also, using a microfiber cloth will remove fingerprints without damaging the organizer’s surface. Begin by blowing away any loose dust or debris. Apply the solution using a soft cloth or sponge then rinse the organizer with water. Pat dry the surface and storage areas.

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