The 8 Best Makeup Mirrors of 2019

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It’s happened to the best of us: You leave the house thinking that you’ve nailed your makeup for the day. Then you catch a glimpse of your reflection and realize your makeup is actually giving off clown vibes. The likely culprit? Bad lighting in the bedroom or bathroom. That’s why we all need a quality light-up vanity mirror. Not only will they help you avoid beauty nightmares, but they also make applying makeup much easier. Most now can mimic natural sunlight with their LEDs, and their magnifying powers allow you to perfect your eyeliner application and other tricky products. Whether you want a vanity mirror that pulls out all the stops or a basic one, or an option for at home or on-the-go, there’s a makeup mirror out there for you, at a range of price points. These are the top makeup mirrors. 

Best Overall: Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror


The Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror is the most coveted makeup mirror out there, and it’s easy to see why everyone from beauty pros to influencers are obsessed with it. It’s super slim—skinnier than your laptop—so you can stash it in the narrowest places, from drawers to tote bags. Weighing in at just a pound and a half, it’s totally doable to carry it around. The LED lights are incredibly bright and have five stages of dimming. The mirror’s surface is magnetic, which works with the mini lighted 3X magnifying mirror it comes with, as well as the phone clip for selfies. The dual voltage battery is rechargeable. 

Best Budget: HotLife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


HotLife’s LED Lighted Makeup Mirror has a lot going on for such a low price. It has eight dimmable LED lights that can be adjustable with the tap of a finger, and one side has polished glass and the other a 2X magnifying mirror. The compact mirror is perfect for on-the-go and can fit into any purse.

Best Lighted: SimpleHuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror


What makes SimpleHuman’s Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror a hands down winner in the lighting department is its Tru-Lux Light System, a patented technology that stimulates natural sunlight. This lets you see how your makeup looks in different types of natural light so that you can color correct as needed and always have perfect makeup.

It has 5X magnification, surgical grade LEDs that will work like new for more than 40,000 hours, an automatic sensor that turns on the lights as your face approaches and turns them off when you walk away, and a stainless-steel telescopic swing arm that easily adjusts. 

Best Magnifying: LEPO Makeup Vanity Mirror


Are you ready for your close up? LEPO’s Makeup Vanity Mirror definitely is. It features four different magnifications on separate panels so you can zoom in as much or as little as you need to. There’s a small storage section in its base, a flexible arm that rotates the mirror 180 degrees, and a unique lighting system with 24 built-in LED lights with adjustable brightness levels with the touch of your finger that mimic natural daylight. The lights can be powered with a USB or AAA batteries, making the mirror easily portable.

Best LED: ReignCharm 6-Smart LED Light Bulbs Hollywood Vanity Mirror


If you’re willing to make an investment in a makeup mirror, ReignCharm’s 6-Smart LED Light Bulbs Hollywood Vanity Mirror is worthy of the big bucks. Not only will its Old Hollywood aesthetic lend some serious charm to your vanity, the flashbulb mirror comes with four light settings: sunlight, warm light, light transition, and a strobe light option. In case the latter doesn’t get the party started for you, the mirror has built-in Bluetooth dual audio speakers with touch screen controls. The mounting kit is included, and it offers both dual USB charging ports and dual standard outlets.

Best Tri-Fold: Vovoly Tri-Fold Cosmetic Mirror


Vovoly’s Tri-Fold Cosmetic Mirror knows how to work all its angles! One side is split into two options: 2X and 3X magnification, while the mirror in the middle and other side is true. Plus, it tips back 180 degrees—making it perfect for looking down and applying false eyelashes—and the sides fold in.

In other words, this mirror has you covered from every angle. The 21 bright, adjustable LED lights work by touch sensor, and the mirror is operated by USB or four AA batteries. Plus, the rose gold hue is super chic and the bottom has a storage shelf to keep your vanity tidy.

Best Travel: My Canary Lighted Makeup Mirror

My Canary

Everyone knows how horrible the lighting in hotel bathrooms can be, so next time you’re on the go, stash this little vanity mirror in your suitcase. The kickstand folds flat and the magnifying mirror detaches, making it a cinch to pack, and it can be battery operated so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet.

Its LED lighting system provides natural white daylight, the brightness is adjustable with a dimming touch sensor, and it has a 360° swivel to adjust the mirror to whatever angle you’d like. The suction cup pocket magnet mirror has 10X magnification mirror and can be used solo. 

Best Multitasker: iHome Reflect iCVBT2 Adjustable Vanity Mirror


iHome’s Reflect iCVBT2 Adjustable Vanity Mirror is ready to party! It has a built-in phone charger, Bluetooth speakers, built-in mic, digital voice echo cancellation, and answer and end controls for speakerphone, so you can even use voice control for Siri and Google Now while applying your makeup to use features like playlists, weather, news and more. Basically, no other mirror is better for getting ready to go out on weekends. It has bright accent LEDs with high and low settings to deliver natural looking light.

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