If You Need a Quality Makeup Mirror, Try One of These

Here’s the thing: Designated makeup mirrors might not be completely necessary for your beauty routine (after all, a medicine cabinet often proves to be just fine), but all things considered, they’re definitely preferred. There’s simply no better way to luxe up your vanity than by placing a chic stand-alone mirror next to your makeup brushes. Something about it is a little reminiscent of old Hollywood—imagine sitting at your vanity and staring into your reflection as you swipe on a cherry red lip or spritz perfume onto your neck. See? It’s true. Makeup mirrors are glamorous additions to any regimen (even if that involves dabbing concealer onto a blemish or two before rushing out the door to beat morning traffic—hey, we’ve been there).

They also seriously assist in the application process. With different levels of magnification and even LED lights, you can rest assured your makeup will be perfectly applied and blended. Keep scrolling to see our seven favorite makeup mirrors.