5 Pale Girl–Approved Makeup Lines

Pale girls, I know your struggle. I, too, am one of you. You’d think foundation shopping for the exceptionally fair-skinned would fairly easy—just pick the lightest option and you’re set, right? Wrong. For some unknown reason, cosmetic companies got it in their heads that all light-skinned women have exceedingly pink undertones. While this is certainly true for some, it doesn’t apply to the whole lot. Pale girls need all the undertone options just like our more pigmented friends. We also need products that don’t oxidize throughout the day, turning our once-flawless faces orange. I did the research, asked a few professionals, and came up with a tightly edited list of pale girl–approved face makeup brands (I can personally vouch for nos. 1, 2, and 4).

Scroll through for the best face products for fair skin!

What makeup lines can you always count on for perfect-match foundation? Share your go-tos in the comments below!