These Makeup Brushes Have Over 1000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

Updated 04/03/19


Makeup brushes are integral to my beauty routine—I use them almost every day. Whether it's my Tonya Crooks Brow Gal Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie ($15) or my BH Cosmetics Powder Brush ($5), I rely on a few select tools for quick-and-easy (not to mention #flawless) makeup application. In other words, I know the importance of a good makeup brush… After all, good makeup starts with good application.

But that doesn't mean I want to spend an entire paycheck on a single brush (which is all too easy to do). That's why I've turned to budget-friendly beauty retailers like Target, Ulta, BH Cosmetics, and Amazon. Amazon in particular stocks hundreds of makeup tools available alongside easy-to-access reviews. That's how I found these 10 makeup brushes that have over 1000 positive reviews. (Excuse me while I stock up).

Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki Brush $10

With almost 5000 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this flat kabuki brush proves to be ever-popular on Amazon. It features dense synthetic bristles that can be used to apply liquid, cream, or powder makeup. "Beauty Junkees' Flat Top Kabuki is hands-down, the best and most versatile brush I have ever used regardless of price. When I pulled it out of its package, I was blown away because, while hopeful based on other reviews, I was simply not expecting the level of quality," writes one reviewer.

Lamora 10 Piece Kabuki Brush Set $35

These beauties have almost 1500 reviews. "Beautifully packaged and ready for gift wrap or travel!" one reviewer writes. "Each brush is individually wrapped and labeled. The bristles aren't porous so less product is absorbed and more on your face and less outta pocket. Every application is very even with face or eye liquid/cream product. Using for over a week and clean daily with a very abrasive high quality microfiber cloth and water and NO loose bristles or lost bristles. I get an even application everyday with all the brushes in the set.

I have recommended this set and will continue to recommend and purchase ONLY Lamora Beauty brushes."

EmaxDesign 20 Piece Makeup Brush Set $6

It seems absolutely crazy that a 20-piece makeup brush set could cost $6. At best, it sounds too good to be true. However, this synthetic brush set is one of Amazon's best-selling items. It has almost 3000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Most of those reviews comment on how soft the brushes are: "I am really surprised at the quality of these brushes, given their price," says one reviewer. "Shocked, really. I have brushes that were much more expensive, yet not even close to these in quality."

Kolight 20-Piece Makeup Brush Set $7

Here's another price to quantity ratio that's hard for us to wrap our heads around. This 20-piece brush set uses a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, which many reviewers say helps them to apply their makeup almost flawlessly. "I was cautiously optimistic about these brushes when I bought them, but they are wonderful and I honestly really like them more than my old MAC/Sephora sets (I'm a loyalist—what can I say?). These brushes don't grab onto too much product, minimizing waste, and I love that I can see when the product has been washed off to know that they're clean!" 

real Techniques Powder Brush
Real Techniques Powder Brush $8

Real Techniques is a power player in the drugstore makeup tool market. (You might recognize the name from Nicola and Sam Chapman, the popular beauty bloggers behind PixiWoo, who collaborate with the brand). Amazon seems to love the brand's traditional powder brush best. It has thousands of reviews, many of which go something like this one: "The brush is dense enough to blend and apply liquid foundation very well, but small enough to get all areas of your face, including the areas underneath/around the eyes and nose.

Bristles are smooth, and are made for liquid makeup, so application feels super smooth and easy. This brush has become the one I use every day, and you can't beat the price either!"

BS-Mall 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set $11

This rose-gold makeup brush set comes with 14 separate brushes for both face and eye makeup. They have 2000 customer reviews, most of which are overwhelmingly positive. "These brushes apply my foundation, cream contour, and concealer like a dream. I can't speak for there longevity just yet, but they do make the product melt into my face making my skin look airbrushed and flawless. They don’t eat up my product either. The eye brushes are really nice too. They have an angled blender brush perfect for transition shades in and above the crease.

I originally had $150 worth of Morphe brushes in my cart when I decided to check to see what Amazon had available, and I'm so glad I did! Super satisfied. No shedding and no smell."

Qivange 12 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set $9

If you're in the market for eye makeup brushes exclusively, try this rose-gold set, which has over 1000 reviews and an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It has pretty much everything covered, from liner brushes to blending brushes to crease brushes. "Brushes came highly recommended by a friend who is a makeup artist. She said they're the highest-quality she's ever found for a low price. She claimed they work just as good if not better then her expensive brushes. She wasn't kidding. First time in my life I applied my eye shadow and it came out flawless.

Didn't waste tons of product, and there was barely any fallout."

Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set
EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set $5

EcoTools is another drugstore makeup tool brand you should get familiar with. The brand is focused on creating (you guessed it) eco-friendly tools, like this dual-ended eye enhancing brush set that has almost 2000 positive customer reviews. "EcoTools really knocked this out of the park with these brushes. The angled brush us great for lining the eyes and doing the brows. The blending brush is great for the crease, I even use it to put color on the outer V. The smudge brush is good for smoking out the lash line and putting highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.

The shadow brush is a bit too big for my eyes, but it works well. These brushes are so soft. I use these brushes every time I use eyeshadow, they are my favorite brushes out of my brush collection (and I'm obsessed with brushes). These brushes are great for both beginners or advanced users of makeup."

Bestope 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set $10

This set, which includes kabuki brushes and detailed eye shadow brushes, has over 4000 customer reviews. "I cannot recommend these brushes enough," says one customer. "Extraordinarily high-quality set of eight brushes for a super-great price! I was able to upgrade my brush collection on my tight budget and still feel like it was a big splurge. I've been using them to apply my foundations and powders as well as my eye shadows. I found them to not smell or have any fallout. Go ahead and give them a shot if you're on the fence about buying them—you won't be disappointed!"

Yoseng Foundation Oval Makeup Concealer Powder Brush Set
Yoseng Foundation Oval Makeup Concealer Powder Brush Set $14

Some people prefer these dense oval brushes over their traditional fluffy-ended counterparts. If that's you, and you like the control and air-brushed finish they offer, look no further than this 10-piece set on Amazon. It includes a brush for basically every need. Plus, the brand claims they're safe for sensitive skin and all makeup formulations, since they're made from synthetic fibers. The sleek black-and-gold handles don't hurt either. ■

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