The Best Makeup Brushes for Every Budget: A Guide

A makeup brush is one of the few beauty products that you can just as easily buy for $1 or $100. So how do you know when (and if!) a luxe brush is worth the splurge? To find out, we talked to an anonymous cosmetics executive—she oversees the design and manufacturing of brushes for dozens of makeup brands—and asked her to reveal her insider secrets. 

When looking for the best makeup brushes for eyes, she advises, “For concealer and for eyeliner, I would definitely recommend using a synthetic brush. These more resilient fibers don’t break or get bent out of shape as easily as animal hair."

So which are the best brushes to splurge on? She recommends that when you’re shopping “big fluffy brushes” (like powder and blush brushes), invest in natural-hair options. A plus-side to this bigger-budget investment? You’ll end up spending less on makeup if you buy brushes that pick up product well.

With that in mind, keep reading. We're rounding up the 15 best makeup brushes for every budget.

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This post was originally published on February 27, 2015, and has since been updated.