9 YouTube Makeovers That Will Blow Your Mind

Makeup—like a certain shampoo brand accused of making people’s hair fall out (too soon?)—has been getting a bad rap. It’s been accused of overuse, exaggeration, and covering our inner “true” beauty, spurred by the rise of things like contouring, strobing, and general Kardashian-ing. And though we agree these objections are grounded (too much contour is real—and scary), we still stand tall as ride-or-die members of #teammakeup. Why? Because we believe its power knows no limits and can lift spirits and self-esteem with just one stroke (okay, many, many strokes, then maybe some dabbing with our Beautyblender, $20). Makeup can make tired eyes look wide awake, a hungover visage look Hadid-worthy, and breakouts appear nearly imperceptible to the human eye (well, in a dream world). In honor of the power of makeup—more specifically, the makeover—we’re sharing nine YouTube transformations that will undoubtedly blow your mind. Some of these are inspiring, others are just… well, you’ll have to scroll ahead to see.

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