15 of the Best MAC Lipsticks of All Time, According to Byrdie HQ

MAC lipsticks have pretty much been with us—in our bags, our cars, our jackets, and our carry-on luggage—for as long as we can remember. The brand is so pervasive in the industry, it'd be difficult to think of a time or a memory when we didn't have a least one MAC product in our arsenal. As we've grown up, so has its collection of lipstick shades and formulas.

Because the brand seems so omnipresent, I decided to ask my fellow editors for their favorite shades—the best-ever MAC lipstick shades, past or present. Immediately after the words left my mouth, paragraphs of responses came in, with specific memories and explanations for why each shade meant something to each person. Below, find the best MAC lipstick shades, according to the Byrdie editors. DM us on Instagram to share your own lipstick story.