Kiss-Proof: We Put 9 Long-Lasting Lipsticks to the Test

As beauty editors, we’re used to grand claims. Serums that promise the skin of a five-year-old, hair products that swear to magically reveal waves worthy of Gisele, powders and pills that promise to solve everything from acne to brittle nails…we’ve heard it all, pretty much. We take most of these with a grain of salt, but one claim we do take very seriously is staying power. If a product promises to last all day, we expect it to do just that—our dignity is on the line, after all (melted mascara…not a good look before a big meeting, or any time).

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to test some of these claims, starting with some of the best long-lasting lipsticks. We armed nine Clique Media employees with a long-lasting lipstick, and told them to carry on with their day as usual. Turkey sandwiches were eaten, coffee was guzzled, spin classes were taken…we put these lippies through the ringer, with surprisingly pleasant results. Keep scrolling to read our reviews and see the before and afters!