The Best Matte Liquid Lipstick of All Time Has Been Hiding at Sephora


Original Illustration by Ellie Benuska

Did you know the average woman spends $1780 on lipstick over her lifetime? While we're not sure how that breaks down between all the amazing varieties out there (red, matte, stain), we sure love our liquid lipsticks. The makeup staple is available in virtually every color under the sun and can elevate your beauty look in an instant (aka a few swipes).

While there's no one-shade-fits-all, with so many brands out there, our friends at Rank & Style have discovered that there are a select few that women clamor for. These top five lippies are not just buzz-worthy makeup must-haves; they're some of the most positively reviewed, high-quality matte formulas out there. So whether you're looking for a new signature lip color or finally giving liquid lipsticks a try and want to get the most bang for your buck, you'll want to check out Rank & Style's list before you do your shopping.

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