The Amazing $8 Eyeliner That Makeup Artists Don't Want You to Know About


Important rule: Barring scotch-tape hacks and multiple failed attempts, your cat eye will only ever be as good as the product you use to create it. As someone who wears a winged look on the regular, I know that there are certain criteria that deem a liquid liner superior. The brush has to be sturdy but flexible; the formula has to be viscous (but not too thick). There are, fortunately, few products on the market that actually deliver without the need for a cleanup crew.

But the adage goes both ways, and when chatting with our lovely co-founder Hillary Kerr yesterday, I couldn't peel my eyes away from her exceptionally precise cat eye. I knew it was the handiwork of a stellar product (and makeup artist, no doubt), so I had to ask: What was it? The answer stunned not just me but Team Byrdie as a whole—none of us had heard of it, and at $8, it's a downright steal.

Keep reading to find out what it is!