I've Tried Over 1000 Lipsticks, and These 14 Are the Best

Eyeliner is cool, as is mascara, but no makeup product holds my heart like lipstick. When I only have two minutes to get ready in the morning, a bright lip is the first thing I grab. When I'm in a crummy mood, a vibrant pink or red color turns that right around. And on those weird days when my face looks tired or just off somehow, lipstick is my saving grace. Over the years, I've tried hundreds of lipsticks, maybe even over 1000, and I currently own at least 100 (thank goodness lipstick tubes are small!). But truth be told, there are only a few select gems in my daily rotation. That's because I have a pretty particular taste in lipstick: I love ranges that offer both really vibrant brights and subtle everyday shades. I like a creamy, plumping texture—nothing so matte that it's going to dry out my lips. And I like silky application and long staying power.

Out of all the lipsticks I've tried, I've narrowed it down to the top 14, ranging in price from $5 to $55, that meet these requirements. Curious to know this lipstick fiend's favorites? Just keep scrolling.