8 Great Lipsticks for People Who Hate Lipstick


Isabella Behravan

Confession time: As a rule, I detest lipstick. As fun as it is to play with different colors—whether it's a gorgeous berry stain, a brown-tinged '90s throwback moment, or even Rihanna-inspired green—the hassle of most formulas just isn't worth the escapism to me. I hate that I can't take a sip of coffee or eat a snack without worrying about finding smudges across my face or on my teeth; I hate the constant need for reapplication; I hate that most matte formulas (and many creamy ones) are horribly drying on my pout. I could go on and on, and it's for these reasons that I stick with just a swipe or two of nude-colored lip liner most days. 

My standards may be somewhat ridiculous, but they're not impossible. The select few lipsticks that do meet my criteria are nothing short of stellar, IMO—and to be sure, I consulted with my fellow Byrdie editors as well as some other beauty-savvy (and equally picky) friends. Keep reading for the formulas that even lipstick-averse folks can get behind.

Have any lipstick formulas you swear by? Call them out in the comments below!