12 Makeout-Friendly Lipsticks I Wear on Every Date

Google the best lipsticks to wear on a date and/or for making out, and the articles that come up will all offer suggestions for long-lasting lipsticks that won't rub off on your kissing buddy or red lipsticks since a number of studies have shown that wearing red subtly makes women more attractive. Here's the problem, though: In my experience (both with lip products and with kissing), staying power and red color are not what make a good makeout lipstick. Instead, you want just the opposite. Hear me out: When there's a probable-to-definite chance you're going to be lip-locking with someone, you want a lipstick that enhances the natural color and shape of your lips as if it's not even there (aka won't scare someone away from kissing you) and then comes off in a natural, unnoticeable way so it doesn't end up looking patchy or smeared.

Bottom line: You can go nuts with your eye makeup on a date, but there is a delicate and specific art to what to wear on your lips. The best lipsticks for kissing are ones that look subtle and pretty and rub off seamlessly. If you want to know what those are, don't look anywhere else, because the following 12 lipsticks are the perfect ones for making out, as tried and tested by Byrdie editors themselves.