Byrdie Editors Get the Most Compliments on Their Photos Wearing These Lipsticks

You can't deny the satisfaction of snapping a good selfie. The one that makes you do a double take at your own self like, Damn, I look good. Then, you're empowered to share your selfie with the world for all your friends, family members, and strangers on Instagram to see. It's not like you need anyone's approval, but it's nice to indulge in the freedom of sharing your beauty with the world. Cue all the likes and comments, which may or may not give you this euphoric sense of affirmation or love. Either way, a good photo makes you feel good, and the secret to a next-level selfie is a stunning lip shade. 

By no means are we supporting the notion that you need makeup to look your best in photos, but a touch of lipstick to enhance your natural features is something we can get behind. Byrdie editors have tested thousands of lipsticks combined, but these are the shades we always reach for when we know there will be photo ops and good lighting, which waits for no one. Keep scrolling for the best lip colors for photos, and selfies of us wearing each shade to prove it.