This Is the Most Popular Lash-Growth Serum in America

Original Illustration by Ellie Benuska

Just as we search for a foundation that will make our skin tone look more even or a concealer that will hide our dark circles, we love discovering a mascara that will take our lashes to great lengths. However, while the inky black substance serves as a great beauty crutch, we'd be much happier with longer natural lashes so we didn't always have to fake what we desire.

Enter lash-growth serums. Fortified with nourishing ingredients, peptides, and vitamins, these growth-enhancers help you channel your inner doe for long, flirty lashes that don't need a coat of mascara. So to find out the best products adored by real women, we enlisted the help of our friends at Rank & Style for the top five picks on the internet. Ready to find out what they are? Keep scrolling!


Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara $30

A pseudo-mascara, this product is also full of neuropeptides and biotin to help your lashes grow while you enhance them with a bit of lengthening tint.


Dior Diorshow Maximizer $30

Since Diorshow mascara is such a cult-loved product, it's no wonder the brand has created an enhancer to make lashes look even longer and lusher underneath. It suggests you apply it daily before your mascara and each night as a deep conditioner for your lashes.


Neulash Lash Enhancing Serum $95

62% of users experienced longer, denser lashes after using this nutrient-rich lash serum chock-full of peptides and vitamins for noticeable results.




Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum $50

This award-winning formula utilizes Hexatein 1 Complex, a unique blend of lash-nourishing ingredients like amino acids, soybean oil, vitamin B5, and biotin. Its small brush allows for precise application so you can get between each little lash.


Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner $100

Drumroll please… This lash serum was voted number one by real customers. It's dermatologist and ophthalmologist approved; helps nourish and rebuild lashes; and lengthens lashes in as little as four weeks.

One customer even goes so far as to say, "This stuff is honestly magical! I had eyelash extensions for about 6 months, then they started to itch and bug me… so I started picking my eyelash extensions off… and off came my real eyelashes. I was broken hearted, so I ordered this stuff and seriously it's only been a month and I swear my eyelashes are longer right now than they were before I even got my eyelash extensions!"

Want to know which other lash serums made the top 10 list? Head over to Rank & Style to find out.

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