This Is the Most Popular Lash-Growth Serum in America


Original Illustration by Ellie Benuska

Just as we search for a foundation that will make our skin tone look more even or a concealer that will hide our dark circles, we love discovering a mascara that will take our lashes to great lengths. However, while the inky black substance serves as a great beauty crutch, we'd be much happier with longer natural lashes so we didn't always have to fake what we desire.

Enter lash-growth serums. Fortified with nourishing ingredients, peptides, and vitamins, these growth-enhancers help you channel your inner doe for long, flirty lashes that don't need a coat of mascara. So to find out the best products adored by real women, we enlisted the help of our friends at Rank & Style for the top five picks on the internet. Ready to find out what they are? Keep scrolling!

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