These Korean Essences Will Give You a Glossier-Model Glow

"Glass skin," "honey skin," and "cloudless skin" are a few popular terms that come to mind when Korean beauty is the topic of discussion. These words all mean slightly different things but essentially describe #SkinGoals—because who doesn't want their skin to look like it was dropped directly from the heavens above? We're talking poreless, glowing, pearlescent, lit-from-within skin. We're all on a quest for our skin to reach its absolute highest potential. Many people come close to that when they adopt a K-beauty routine. One of the core components of extensive Korean beauty regimens, which can be anywhere from 10 to 12 steps, is layering essences.

Essences are hydrating formulas that reach your skin on its cellular level, offering soothing and hydrating benefits that give you a smooth and radiant complexion. Often described as lightweight versions of serum yet very distinct from cleansers and toners, they lock in and amp up hydration on your skin's moisture barrier. Most essences have consistencies that tread the line between water and serum, and they're full of active ingredients that prep your skin. Wondering how you can incorporate one into your routine? Apply an essence post-cleansing and before you apply your serums, oils, and moisturizers—these products will absorb faster and penetrate the skin when paired with an essence. For those with skin on the drier side, these are for you. Byrdie's managing editor, Lindsey Metrus, credits her K-beauty routine with saving her dry skin. Ahead are the best Korean essences for that model-worthy glow you want for your face and body.